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What’s the Easiest Way to Learn English


You’re not the only person who is looking for the easiest way to learn English. Scientists and linguists (people who study languages) have been trying to find it for years. There have been many studies about how our brains process different languages and language learning, especially in children (who seem to have much less trouble learning new languages).

The problem is that many of the studies are contradictory—which means they say opposite things. Some studies say one way is the best, while other studies say a different method works better.

In reality, there is no single easiest way to learn English. Why? Because of you, the English learner! You’re not the same as all English learners, of course. Things like age, location, past learning experience, time spent learning, creativity and so many other factors affect how you learn.

You might learn the best when you’re listening to an audiobook, but your friend might prefer taking a structured class. You might gain a lot from English textbooks, or you might learn the most from watching an English movie every week. How you learn, what you enjoy and how you think will determine which method works best.

Before we get to the methods, here’s some good news: No matter what you’ve been doing to learn so far, research says you can always catch up. So if you didn’t begin with the immersion method, for example, you can still gain the same benefits once you start. In other words, it’s never too late to try something new!

So take a look below, and find the easiest way to learn English—for you.

What’s the Easiest Way to Learn English? Here Are 3 Proven Methods to Choose From

Here are three of the most powerful English learning methods. You’ve probably already used them, or at least seen them in use. The trick is to figure out which method works best for you.

We’ll show you how to effectively use these methods in your studies below.

1. The Immersion Method

The immersion method is also called the “natural method.” The word “immersion” means to become completely surrounded by something. To learn by immersion, you need to surround yourself with English, all the time.

Science says:

This method doesn’t just help you learn English, it helps you think like a native. Using the immersion method to learn English actually changes the way your brain works, to look more like the brain of a native English speaker.

This method also exposes you to more English every day. This is important because according to some studies, you might be able to get a good grasp on English by studying one hour per day, but it won’t be easy to get to a native level of understanding.

Why does this work? Think about how babies learn. They come into the world not knowing any words, and are immediately surrounded by a strange language. Little by little, from listening to this language used and watching other people, they learn certain words.

Then they learn how these words are put together. Finally, they start speaking fluently. That’s why this method is called “natural”—the more you surround yourself with English, the easier you’ll learn.

Try this method if you…

…are living in an English-speaking country.

…are having trouble learning by memorizing grammar rules.

…want to begin having conversations in English faster.

…learn best through speaking and listening.