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Steve Hora

Expert in Astrology @ | Posted on |

What the 12 houses of a horoscope signify?


The 12 houses significance are as below

1st house: Your physical appearance, body, complexion, intelligence, strengths & weaknesses, the head

2nd house: Overall state of our finances (savings, hoardable assets mainly), family lineage & wealth related to family, family values, quality of voice (sweet/rash voice, pitch & other features of voice), the facial features, throat area

3rd house: Our communication style & skills, hobbies, neighbours, relatives, siblings (in general), younger siblings (specifically), friends, professions related largely to communication (journalism, sales & marketing, book authors, etc.), our courage & capacity to handle uncomfortable situations in life, capacity to work towards one's goals, primary education

4th house: Comforts & convenience in life, mother, home, vehicles, residential amenities, peace of mind, close family relatives, landed property (immovable assets), home country, our place of residence, education (in general), high-school education (specifically), heart

5th house: Intellect, scholarship, creativity, romance, stage performances, children, speculative investments & businesses (any occupation that doesn't guarantee the monthly paycheck), stomach

6th house: Diseases, enemies, maternal relatives, loans, dealing with the competition & obstacles in life, disagreements, divorces, digestive system

7th house: Marriage, spouse, business contracts & partnerships, the kind of people you relate to, public recognition (fame)

8th house: Sudden events, drastic transformation, hidden things like hidden knowledge (occult, astrology, etc.),

hidden wealth (inheritance, insurance, lotteries, etc.), efforts regarding spirituality (meditation, penance, etc.)

9th house: Higher beliefs, world view, philosophy, religion, luck, long-distance journeys, pilgrimages, father

10th house: Occupation, career, means of livelihood, reputation, father

11th house: Fulfillment of goals & desires, professional friends & network circle, recognition in career, elder siblings

12th house: Staying in isolation, ashrams, jail, bed comforts (sleep quality, etc.), important house for spirituality, residence in foreign/faraway lands, house of behind-the-scenes things (research, addictions, meditation, etc.)