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What will be the impact of Voice Search on SEO?


Voice Search is growing very rapidly and for good reason. It is convenient, fast and allows you to search on the go and it is just cool. Voice search is based on the services like Cortana and Siri improves it’s becoming increasingly reliable. Before moving ahead, first, have a look at What Voice Search actually is? It describes searches which you conduct using your voice. These searches are executed with voice assistance as we mentioned above (Siri, Google Home, Alexa, and Cortana) instead of typing anything for your search into the browser on your computer or phone.

In this post, we will discuss the predicted impact of Voice Search on SEO:

Voice Search is catching on to the point that ComScore estimates it will make up 50% of all searches by 2020. Here’s how online marketers can prepare.

What will be the impact of Voice Search on SEO?

• Semantic Search will become more essential:

Google trusts on diverse factors besides keywords- like as the specific previous searches of the users or patterns of searches. It is ideal to distribute search results founded on what Google thinks the person is searching for. It is known as “semantic search”, and it is commonly a fancy way of saying Google is getting excellent at understanding what people are looking for. Here is an example of semantic search in action. Once you search from your computer in Los Angeles, Google understands which you are likely looking for movies or shows times in the city, rather than movies about Los Angeles. 

• Achieving position Zero will become more challenging:

Research has proven that the voice search has the tendency to favor the results on featured snippets. These uppermost search results initiate an incredible amount of traffic. The evolution of the text-to-speech has made it important for marketers to improve their online content to attain position zero and deliver the users with a better experience (who are searching by voice).

• Voice Search will become the trend:

While voice search will definitely change SEO, search marketers can find support in the fact that it is changing it for better. All signs designate that voice search will be not going away. It is much easier than typing. Even the speed types among us type slower than we speak. On average, human speak 150 words at the same time it would take them to type 40. In this modern age, everyone is increasingly expected websites, brands and more to be extremely personalized to them, voice assistants fulfill that need. They are able to identify the speaking pattern of the users and account for filler words or regional expressions.

• Name of Brand will require passing the radio test:

When Google uses the information of a website in a featured snippet, it displays the searcher from where they pulled the information, so that they can click through should they wish to get additional information. It can increase more traffic on that website, for voice searches, Google presents the answer by saying “According to your site” or “We got this information on your site”. It means brands can assistance from enhanced brand awareness. But because Google read the name or websites and having a brand name that is pronounceable might become even more essential for that awareness to pat off. The radio test denotes to the people being able to hear your brand name and then easily understand and then remember it for later. Latest brands will require their organization name to be written like that a voice assistant can pronounce it accurately.

• Having a mobile-first site is non-accessible:

At this point, the provided a fair warning for Google that, they are moving to a mobile-first world and your brand better play along if you wish to continue to survive organically. If your site does not load immediately or looks unsteady on mobile, people will bounce. Keep a high bounce rate for too long, and then your rankings will tank according to it. It is advisable to review how Google renders your site on mobile and then see what enhancements you can make to affluence the user experience. Having a mobile-friendly site is more essential when it comes to voice search.

Voice search has got their initiate on mobile and over half of the people use voice search while driving. Voice search is changing the way people navigate their world, make purchases and also learn the latest information. If you want to make your brand visible all the time then they need to change their SEO strategies according to it. You can get help from SEO Marketing Experts whenever you need. The experts will guide you more accurately to make your brand long-lasting on the search engine.