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Ajay Kumar

Article writer, SEO Executive | Posted on |

What You Need To Know Before You Buy An Automated Soldering Machine?


A soldering station helps you in your soldering process and saves you time and efforts. You can make a better purchase decision if you know what to look for in a soldering station. Certain features and specifications should be carefully considered while choosing the best of the machine that can match your aspirations specifically. Soldering station may consist of sensors and the control card (consisting of a microcontroller and MCU), while the user interface may consist of buttons and/or knobs. The LED or LCD display gives you information including the run temperature and set related information.

Here are some tips that will help you choose the right soldering station for your work process. 

  • Size

The size of the soldering equipment and station may invariably depend on the size of the PCBs (printed circuit boards) that you want to process. Sometimes you may also need the pallet for securing the boards. Remember that the size configuration should ease and expedite the production process.

  • Wattage

The wattage of the soldering station will relate to the PCB type and the component size, and when you buy a soldering gun and station you must consider the wattage. If the components are large and there are pads and heatsink present, the absorption, as well as dissipation of energy and heat, will be larger. The 50 wattage soldering station is considered adequate for jobs relating to small components and ICs. The 100-watt station is good when heat sinks are large and the thicker 10 Gauge copper wire components are present.

  • Floor space

A soldering machine can be of a single meter or it may also be several meters long. You should also consider factors including storage and board handling, apart from the floor space, available to you.

  • Input Voltage

It is important to consider the input voltage as well because the machines are made in different countries and you have different specifications in this regard. For instance, you may buy a soldering station with a 120 Volt AC specification and it may not be compatible with your wall socket that may have 230 V AC configuration. You need to choose the right machine which can be used easily and conveniently.

  • Maintenance

 The new soldering machines require very less maintenance. There are some forms that need more care and attention. If you are using your machine frequently and for a long time interval, you need to take care of the machine and maintain it regularly. The machine should provide you with convenient, easy, and affordable maintenance options.

  • Thermal recovery

The thermal recovery feature helps your soldering iron tip recover it’s set temperature in a very less time. When the operator moves the soldering iron from one finish joint to the next joint the tip undergoes a temperature drop, and some heat loss occurs during this period. Soldering machines with higher wattage provide for faster heating and greater/faster thermal recovery.

  • Variable temperature control

Some machines can work at very different temperatures and have a wider range. You may need the different tip temperature for doing the different jobs. Hence it would be better if you evaluate the temperature rating, and options provided by the machine before you actually choose one.