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When to See a Child Psychologist?


Child Psychologist, also called child psychiatrist is a person who had the solution of all

types of mental disorders for your child. Anxiety is one of the leading childhood disorders facing our kids. The children mostly suffer from “Separation Anxiety” and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). These disorders result from a traumatic, sad, or horrific incident. Eating disorders are also common in teenagers.

When to See a Child Psychologist?

Child Mental Disorders

Common childhood disorders include anxiety disorder, which may be separation anxiety or PTSD in the case of a traumatic event in the child’s life; eating disorders (such as refusal to eat, or a compulsion to eat non-food items; enuresis, or bedwetting; depression, and many more) are also common. Some developmental disorders such as autism and ADD/ADHD are also important to mention here.

Signs Your Child Needs Counseling

No matter what mental illness or disorder a child has, it is good to have him or her treated from a qualified and experienced psychologist. Mean to say, the child will need to be evaluated by a professional and given a diagnosis, at which point a treatment plan can be made, which might include Applied Behavior Analysis, counselling, art therapy, speech therapy, or another form of therapy suited to the child. The parents should become worried if the child is;

• Clinginess

• Fearfulness

• Social withdrawal

• Lack of a contextually appropriate emotional response

Spending Time with Your Child

Only a professional psychiatrist or psychologist can diagnose and treat an affected person. The parents need to spend time with the child to know what kind of problems she or he is facing. If the child is behaving abnormally for the past few weeks, the child becomes aggressive on a minor issue, or the child does not want to spend time with you, there must be something wrong. Such kind of changed and abnormal behaviors can only be detected by spending time with the child.


After observing abnormal and changed behaviors, consulting a child psychologist Dubai is important. These signs can more difficult to discover, but they could still indicate an issue, and, as mentioned, it is always beneficial to air on the side of caution. Some disorders are severe and they can make the child take wrong actions repeatedly. On the other hand, it is easy to nip the disorder in the bud and stop it before it becomes a bigger problem.

You should see a child psychologist if you are unsure about your child’s unusual behavior. Please consult a child psychologist Dubai if your child is suffering from mental disorder and you want to see him or her fine.