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Where Are Transformers Used And What Is Their Purpose?


The electrical industry has been making great use of transformers over the years. They have become an indispensable part of almost all electrical circuits. Despite being one of the most talked topics in electronics, many people are not aware of their uses and purpose. Transformers have secured an important place in the textbooks of students and are one of the most important topics. This is one of the ways adopted to educate them and let them know about the significance of transformers in the Transformers manufacturers India . Here is a brief on the applications and purpose of transformers.

Where Are Transformers Used And What Is Their Purpose?


As an indispensable part of electronics, transformers are defined in the following way: 

A transformer is an electrical device which is static and is known for transforming electrical energy between circuits. The law that governs the working of transformers is Faraday's law of Electromagnetic Induction. A varying current in 1 coil is used to produce a magnetic field which further induces a varying voltage or electromotive force in the second coil. They are known for bringing the voltage up/down in an electrical circuit i.e. converting AC power to DC power. Here, AC refers to Alternating Current and DC is for Direct Current.  


The types of transformers have been categorized into various ways depending on different factors. They make use of the majority of two circuits, primary and secondary. 

Based on Voltage level: Most commonly used transformers have been named as step-up and step- down transformers. As the name clarifies, the step-up transformers are used to step-up the voltage whereas the step-down transformers bring down the voltage to a required level. 

Based on core medium used: Depending upon the core medium, air core transformers and iron core transformers are the two brought into use.

Based on winding arrangements: Auto transformer is the one based on winding arrangements.

Based on usage: As per usage is concerned, four main transformers are there. They are power transformers, distribution transformers, measurement transformers, and protection transformers.


One can find their use in the basic home devices like LED bulbs or CFL bulbs. Also, the black plastic case which is plugged in to recharge a cell phone or other electric device consists of transformers. Transformers can be large a well as small. Their uses and applications vary from radio to microelectronics. Here is a list of few common uses of transformers:

  • Measurements of Voltage and Current transmission 
  • Control circuits
  • Power transformation
  • Power distribution.
  • Major applications

Wires carry high voltages than that needed in the home. Transformers play a great role here. Electronic products of home make use of transformers to decrease (step down) the supply voltage to the suitable level for low voltage circuits.   

When the electrical energy is to be transmitted over long distances through wires, a step-up transformer is used to increase the voltage prior to transmission. This enables economic transmission of power and distribution.

Audio transformers also have been of great help so far. They are used to couple stages of amplifiers. The matching of devices such as microphones and record players to the input of amplifiers is possible through transformers. Audio transformers have made the two-way communication possible over a single pair of wires. 


The major purpose of Transformers repairing is thus to provide the suitable voltage distribution according to the place. Although high voltage distribution improves efficiency by reducing heat loss, it can be dangerous for use in homes. They have been a medium in shaping the electrical supply industry. By the time the electric power reaches the consumer, at least a fraction of it gets passed through a transformer. Whenever there is a need for voltage different than the supply voltage, the use of transformers is a good choice. They are used depending on their categories.