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Zayed Iqbal

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Where to Watch Soccer in Minneapolis


Alright soccer…ahm…sorry, football fans(?) it’s your time to shine. It can be tough competing with attention of the World Series, the Olympics, the Super Bowl, even the NBA Finals at sports bars, but don't worry Minneapolis has a strong fandom that supports soccer, football, fútbol or whatever you prefer to call it and they’ll have you covered. From big screen TVs, to drink deals, to outdoor patio watching, you’ll always have a place to see all the action.

1. The Local

This Irish bar encourages fans to grab a pint and cheer on their favorite teams. Flags, scarves, jerseys, and team fight songs are most definitely welcome. You’ll find great match-day specials on classic pub foods and drinks. You may also have the opportunity to win some prizes and giveaways.

2. Brit’s Pub

A popular local spot for watching soccer games, Brit’s is known for their big screen on the rooftop where fans can watch games sitting outside on the lawn. If your favorite team isn’t being featured on the big screen there are also TVs and projector screens showing other matches throughout the pub. As for drink specials, they have $4.50 Strongbow, Guinness and Heineken pints, and you’ll find many other cocktail and beer specials to help you celebrate a team win.

3. Nomad World Pub

Whether you want to watch the games indoors or outdoors, Nomad has you covered with TV screens in the restaurant and out on the patio. This place is passionate about soccer and wants to make sure you get to see every minute of the action. All Minnesota United games are shown here and they are the official bar of the Tottenham Hotspurs. If you’re looking to host a viewing party they offer a private event space for rent.