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Which is better, speed post or courier?


Which is better, speed post or courier?

What is speed post?

A. It is a postal provision provided by Indian postal services, to make possible high-speed deliverance of letters, documents as well as other significant stuff.

B. in contrast to this courier is a public value service, which provides quicker delivery of posts and other imperative papers.

C. In prehistoric India, the only possible way to contact with individuals living in different regions was to convey through letters that too by means of pigeon, which at times took plenty of time to arrive at its destination.

D. After a long time, the provision of postal services came into being which aided speedy deliverance of letters/ words.

E. On the other hand, with the breakthrough of the internet, cable channels or other telecommunication services, the requirement for transferring the letters via post has reduced multiple times since individuals now are able to make contact with each other within seconds.

F. Regardless of the know-how technology or equipment, individuals still make use of the postal provisions to dispatch their necessary papers, viz. Forms, trade papers, private documents, unsolicited posts/letters.

G. Nevertheless, speed post or courier amenities have altered the whole state of affairs now, for example, the deliverance of commodities or documents has to turn out to be a speedy and convenient method of connection. For example if someone need to send documents from Punjab to Assam’s gossaibari , the distance is huge, then speed post is the quickest way to go with.

To understand the gist of this difference let us first understand the meaning and the various significant differences between the two.


High-speed postal service

Provided by Indian postal unit

It works all over the world

It doesn’t work on Sunday's

Tracking status is provisioned by speed post

Speed post services started in 1986

It has one rate across the nation

Started by Indian postal services for the first time in India by the name of “ems speed post”.

It ensures a time bound delivery.

Their services got improvised with time.

Delivery services are faster than ever before thanks to increasing technology.

It does offer tracking status services across the world which helps people to track their parcels, letters, and documents etc.


Initiated by private companies across the nation. It helps in transporting the messages, emails, and parcels on time. Their services are available to people 24/7.

No time restriction. Even it works on Sunday's

Popular courier companies across the nation are DHL express India private limited, blue dart express limited, first flight courier limited

Aforementioned companies provide fast delivery of services.

Rates of a courier service may vary from companies to companies or from one destination to another.

Courier service exposure depends upon the network of a specific company

Which is better and why?

Speed post is an integral part of Indian postal system and according to the comparison, speed post is better than courier as it is faster than courier services moreover coverage of a speed post is exposed all over the world.

There is a huge demarcation in ratings as mentioned above.

Advantages of speed post:

On time delivery

Proper security

Guarantee of a quality service

Saves monetary resources

Saves human resources

The network is comparatively reliable

Advantages of courier services:

24/7 availability


Safe and secure delivery

It saves time and money


1. Both of the services deliver parcels or letters.

2. One can easily keep an eye on the status of delivery.

3. Both are Reliable in every aspect.

4. Individually both assure delivery 72 hours.

5. Saves time and monetary resources.

Due to the over-occupied schedules, individuals could not spare a long time in waiting or for the release of their letters, posts, therefore, the speed post, as well as the courier services, ensures the shorter time of delivery, thus creating the procedure of transferring swift or convenient for people.

In accumulation to this, a golden quill to both the procedures are the availability of tracking status where folks can without any difficulty ensure the standing of their packages, thus ensuring the safety, assurance and time period bound deliveries.