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Ramesh Kumar

Marketing Manager | Posted on | science-technology

Why are earbuds a better alternative to wired headphones?



Are you tired of detangling your headphones every time before using them? Or do you get frustrated with keeping them connected to your smartphone to keep them functioning? Well, no worries from now on because we have an improved version of wired headphones for you, the earbuds. Even though these are not recent inventions, here we have collected some useful information about earbuds for you.

Why are earbuds a better alternative to wired headphones?

A brief introduction to earbuds-

Earbuds, the smallest audio device, are now increasingly used everywhere, and we cannot blame people for their overuse. Talking about appearances, earbuds come with a case where you can keep them safe. They are large enough to fit in your ears and do not cause you discomfort. Small ears, they come in even smaller sizes. So, you can get the perfect-sized earbuds as per the size of your ear canal.

To charge the earbuds, keep them in their case, and different color lights will tell you the status of their charging. Earbuds of different brands require different charging times.

Earbuds working depend on bluetooth connection. Turn on the bluetooth of the source and your earbuds and pair both devices, and you are good to use the earbuds.

I think that is more than enough to know about earbuds; let us jump on to the other aspects of this article.

Earbuds are better than wired headphones- Why?

This is something debatable, and it completely depends on preferences. But here is our perspective on why earbuds are better than wired headphones.

Earbuds have grabbed the eyeballs more recently than at their introduction to this world. So, there must be something exciting about using earbuds, right? We will reiterate that earbuds function via bluetooth connectivity, which means they are wireless. Now, wireless devices are easy to manage and handle as there is no stress to detangle every time before using these.

If you have to receive or make a call in the middle of an important task involving moving, you can freely do that while being on a call if you have your earbuds on. With wired headphones, this is the main problem (after the detangling issue): you must carry the main device everywhere with you. But keep in mind, for earbuds, bluetooth connection has a certain distance range.

Earbuds are gift-worthy items-

We cannot think of a more perfect gift idea than earbuds. Earbuds can be purchased as per your budget range, are easy to use, and make a person look stylish as well.

Here is what you can do this Christmas, gift your best friend or your lover a great pair of earbuds and later see the big wide smile on their face. Not only that, but we can also tell you that this ideal gift can be bought from Soundcore.

Bottom line:

Having a great pair of earbuds is such a flex nowadays, and it is very common at the same time to have one. Switch to earbuds from your wired headphones on our suggestion, and you will never regret this decision. Check in for more such helpful topics.