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Why is a maternity insurance plan a good idea


Maternity is a crucial phase that demands good care and regular check-up of the expecting mother. Add the expenses of childbirth, medication, and medical tests to the price of regular rides to the hospital, and the sum stands out to be significant. This is why maternity coverage should be an important element of your health insurance plan. Maternity insurance helps in covering childbirth, pre-delivery and post-delivery expenses.

What is maternity insurance?

Most maternity insurance is like add-on cover to your main health insurance policy. When you buy health insurance with maternity cover, it usually comes with a waiting period that may vary from 4 to 5 years. That means you will be able to avail the health benefits only after you have paid a premium for a given number of years as specified by your insurance company. It is vital that you understand all the inclusions and exclusions of your health insurance with maternity benefits before you buy one.

Maternity Insurance by HDFC ERGO

HDFC Ergo maternity insurance plans take care of the medical expenses of childbirth while you take care of the mother and the newborn. To help you choose the kind of plan you want, HDFC ERGO offers health insurance with maternity benefits in two plans:

1. Health Suraksha Gold

2. Medisure Classic

Health Suraksha Gold

HDFC ERGO's Health Suraksha Gold is an economical plan that comes with maternity benefits and offers cover for in-patient treatment costs, pre-hospitalization and post-hospitalization expenses. In this plan, the maternity coverage is activated after 4 years. After 4 years, this plan not only offers maternity coverage but it also provides automatic health insurance coverage for the newborn without any additional premium. There is no age limit for entry and the claim process is smooth, fast and hassle-free

my:health Medisure Classic

HDFC ERGO my:health Medisure Classic Insurance is a meticulously designed insurance plan that covers for all medical expenses related to pregnancy as well as any emergency expenditures. You can get a discount of 5% on premium on the purchase of 2 years insurance policy. You can add the my:health Medisure Classic insurance policy with employee health insurance for a larger cover in a small premium. Choosing my:health Medisure Classic shall offer a protective cover for your newborn without additional expenses

Waiting Period and Maternity Insurance

The waiting period is the minimum tenure for which you need to continually renew your health insurance to get the maternity expenses covered. Only after you exceed that period, you can avail the benefits of maternity insurance. To ensure you enjoy health insurance with maternity coverage with no waiting period when you need it, it is important that you buy it in the early phases of your life. So that when you want to take the plunge and are ready to become parents, maternity insurance is valid.

Disclaimer: The above information is for illustrative purpose only. For more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before going ahead with the sales.