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John Mathew

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Why is charger cable so important?


There was a time when the person has to do a lot of research on what brand of mobile phone he wants to purchase. At the time of purchasing, he should always ensure that the device was given along with the suitable charger cable. Now, why is this charger cable so important? The answer is very simple. We purchase costly mobile phones or laptops as per very our need. What is the use of buying such costly items when it works for a short period? The battery installed in the device like laptop or Xiaomi Wireless Keyboard or mobile phone needs energy and power to work smoothly and continuously. So, to give it a boost of energy, we require a charging cable which charges the device and makes it reusable. So, being such an important accessory, you will have to take certain precautions before purchasing it. Normally these USB charging cables come along with the device but in case the charger is not functioning properly, and you have planned to replace it then you need to take some precautions before purchasing a new one.

Tips for purchasing USB charger cables

• Device requirement: Just because a charger charges the device, not all chargers can be used for all devices. There is a specific charger designed as per the device. If the device is a laptop, then there are chargers which are made only to charge such laptops. A laptop charger cannot be used for mobile phones. A smart mobile phone charging pin will be comparatively small than a laptop charging pin. So, purchase the USB charger cable according to the device.

Even after purchasing the USB charger cables, you should always check whether it fits into the device perfectly, else the whole exercise will be waste if the device does not work properly. An Apple charger India is designed to meet the requirement for all mobile smartphones. Normally the devices such as smartphones are manufactured the same way throughout the world. But if there is a special requirement in any country, the manufacturers manufacture based on the demand.

• Power requirement: Whenever a gadget like mobile phone or laptop s purchased, if carefully observed, the manufactured would have clearly mentioned the power requirement for that particular device or gadget. Normally a mobile phone requires a charging cable with 5 Volts, while a laptop requires a charging cable with 20 volts to 25 volts. Anything higher than this specification will make the device or gadget to burst. So always ensure you purchase the charging cable which matches to your device.

• Cost of the charger cable: Normally when you got to purchase a charger cable, you should compare the prices of various brands. If the brands are unique and the product is good, the prices will be in a similar range- nor too high nor too low. In case there is a huge difference in prices, ensure to check for the authenticity of the charger.

Any duplicate charger purchased may damage your laptop or mobile phone. So, be very careful to check the authenticity of the brand.