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Satindra Chauhan

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Why is it a good idea to use VoIP telephony?


Since its launch in 1996, Voice over Internet Protocol has marked a before and after in our way of communicating. This technology has made the process of connecting people even for a lower price, causing it to become the perfect option for both individuals and businesses.

Mostly known as VoIP, this service allows users to place phone calls over an internet connection. This is an innovative cloud-based system that works by quickly converting audio signals into Internet Protocol data packets that travel across the internet to their destination. For this reason, VoIP allows its users to make calls through different devices that are not necessarily traditional phones.

Switching to a VoIP system can be an intelligent and convenient action since it is more reliable, efficient and cheaper than a traditional telephone system. Many users around the world have decided to make the change to VoIP because of all the advantages it offers, causing an improvement in the way its users communicate.

Benefits of VoIP telephony
The impact of VoIP has been increasing as this technology matured and better developed itself, so it has become a very popular option and an alternative to traditional telephony. Why has VoIP established itself as one of the best ways to communicate? The answer is very simple and it is because of the large number of benefits that users can enjoy. These are some of them:

COSTS - it does not matter if the telephone system is going to be used for a residence or a business, users will always seek for an alternative to reduce expenses at the end of the month and that is why VoIP is the perfect option. Calls are less expensive when using this system since there are no large costs associated with infrastructure, hardware, maintenance and even international calls.
TWO TYPES OF NUMBERS - VoIP handles two different types of phone numbers. Although they do not vary much between them, since both are telephone numbers totally dependent on an internet connection, this represents a great advantage since users can choose which of them best suits their needs. The first one is Fixed VoIP number, also known as VoIP numbers, which is related to a physical location. On the other hand, a Non-FixedVoIP number, or simply Non-VoIP, is not attached to a specific address, so it offers more freedom to users.
QUALITY - at the very beginning, the quality of VoIP calls left much to be desired. But in more than two decades of constant improvement and evolution, VoIP is currently a service that has excellent sound quality as long as there is an adequate internet connection.
ACCESSIBILITY - VoIP users have the ability to connect from anywhere they may be located. With an appropriate internet or data connection, users can make and receive calls without a problem. They can employ devices such as laptops, tablets, computers and smartphones to place calls. Thus, by using a softphone app, users have the possibility to take their VoIP system everywhere, allowing them a great flexibility.
VARIETY - one of the most appealing and distinguishing characteristics of VoIP services is their wide range of features. One of the most outstanding reasons why VoIP has become the most suitable and demanded alternative to traditional telephony is the fact that it offers many more functions, making the communication process highly dynamic. VoIP features are extremely beneficial in general, but especially for business, as it allows workers to be more efficient by being able to communicate more easily.
MULTITASKING - everybody knows that time is money. With a VoIP system, users are able to send multimedia content while they are making a call. This is a very good feature to businesses since employees can have a better time management while at the same time being more productive.

An extremely good Non-VoIP provider
At this point, it is obvious that using a VoIP system is extremely beneficial. However, the good news does not end here. Another service that is also very valuable to enhance the experience with VoIP communications is the one operated by the Epsilon Technology LTD company: VerifyWithSMS. Itis a Non-VoIP provider that offers netizens the possibility to obtain a temporary US mobile number so they can validate their accounts in Gmail, Telegram, Tinder, Netflix, Amazon and many other platforms alike. In such a way, they can avoid exposing their personal information on the internet.

Why is it a good idea to use VoIP telephony?

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