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Vanisha Anand

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Self employment is a way by which a person can profit by investing a small amount of investment. A self employed person does not have a superior person over him to guide and monitor or direct during the process of the task. These people are the whole soul or an individual person who runs all the functioning of the business. Self employed people can also be defined as the people who trade with businesses or contractors. It is one of the most common types of employment. The person who is self employed is a one who is mastered in a specific area. They will have the full knowledge, skills, learning and experience about the work. 


Advantages of Self-employment 

It is very important for a person to know his/her potential areas which can be used as a great opportunity to build a strong career and stable life out of it. The following are some of the key points which are important to be known. 

  • NO SUPERIORITY: To be a self-reliant person it is very important to know the key sources in which they excel at. From earning a minimum amount of salary each month, being self-employed gives the person confidence, and independence. Self-employment allows people to have independence to make decisions and they are their own boss.
  • FLEXIBLE TIMING: One of the most important factors which everyone wants is flexible timing in their field of work. Self-employment provides flexibility and helps in focusing more on the task. 
  •  TARGET FREE: Most of the self employed works are target free, some of the business or agents provide the schedule so as to maintain the quality and flow of work in the business.
  • TARGET AUDIENCE: People who wish to be self-employed seek their targeted audience accordingly. There are no boundaries set for a particular task, a self employed person is like a free kite who achieves his/her target and goals.  

Types of Self-employment

The below listed are some of the kinds of Self-employment. 

  • FREELANCING: Freelancing is considered as one of the most popular kinds of Self-employment jobs. A freelancer is hired by a company to perform certain tasks in his/her field of interest and depending upon the skills only. For example, personal fitness trainer, writing, web page designing etc.
  • BLOGGING: Bloggers are the people who excel in some kinds of niche and have particular knowledge and skills. The companies offer certain tasks to the bloggers. Blogging is considered as one of the most popular forms of freelancing which provides a good amount of money. 
  • SOCIAL MEDIA CONSULTANT: In the modern era, the growth of social media has increased rapidly. If the person has full knowledge about social media and the trends being famous, social media consultancy is one of the most realistic jobs. 
  • PRODUCT SELLING: With the rise of technology, it has become very simple to order any product or service and it will be provided at the doorstep. Those who desire to earn a massive amount of income, and have full knowledge about the websites and all frameworks, selling products online is the best self-employment job. 
  • SALES THROUGH E-COMMERCE: It has been noticed that customers prefer to buy their products on an online basis. Selling the products online with the help of E-commerce websites can be the most suitable self-employment work. 


So as to conclude, it has been noticed that self employment is a way to explore money through the potential and the knowledge a person has. Self-employed person can never be suppressed by the manager or anyone else. Self-employment allows people to be independent and have confidence to stand in the society. Being your own boss gives the opportunity to the person to experience more.