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Why modern gadgets are bad for Driving: Do we need them while driving


Why modern gadgets are bad for Driving: Do we need them while driving

Technology is growing at a rapid pace and no manufacturer wants to be left behind, all new vehicles are equipped with modern communication gadgets. Here no one is against technology and it is very useful also, but there should be certainly a debate about whether it is distracting the drivers while driving. Please do not use your mobile while driving we find written everywhere but we provide all latest communication gadgets like hands-free and GPRS in the vehicle, are we contradicting. All research says driving distraction can lead to disaster, it further says that all modern gadgets are also one of the major causes of driving distraction. If the modern gadgets are one of the major causes for driving distraction then certainly it is bad for driving, we must initiate a debate regarding this. All modern gadgets which distracting a driver certainly require a relook, distraction in driving cannot be compromised at any cost. The topmost priority of a driver is to drive the vehicle with 100% attention and reach the destination safely, rest all are secondary.

Advantage and disadvantage of using modern gadgets in Vehicle


All modern gadgets are very useful.

It is very entertaining.

We are always connected to outside world even if we are driving.

Easy communication.

Easy Navigation.

Very helpful.

We are always connected to work



All above points of advantages will distract the driver.

A single disadvantage will cost you more over all other advantages we have by using the modern gadgets.

Kindly stop using all modern gadgets while driving.

Give 100% priority for driving.

Following million dollar question needs to be answered:

1. Are we more relying on gadgets and neglecting the human intelligence?

2. By providing more modern and sophisticated gadgets by manufactures, are manufacturers encouraging for more gadgets uses while driving?

3. Are these modern gadgets are good or bad for drivers?

4. Are these modern gadgets distract driving?

5. will fraction of distraction causes any accidents?

6. Which is superior human intelligence or Modern gadgets?

7. How much modern gadgets do we require in vehicles?

If we are able to find an answer to above question we may avoid or minimise the accident risk. “Distracted driving is the major cause of accidents”.

Be aware of road and Highway rules – Read More

Wear Seatbelt- Read More

Read User Manual

Avoid child below 12 years in front.

Looking forward for your suggestion.

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