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WHy NABH Accreditation Is Important to the Hospitals?


National Accreditation Board for Hospitals and Healthcare Providers

(NABH) defines Hospital Accreditation as a public recognition by a national or

international healthcare accreditation body. The Accreditation at the hospitals is

not only perform the evidence-based practices but also give Importance to Quality,

Affordable, Non-Expensive, Effective Healthcare Services to the people. The

Accreditated Board is being supported by all stakeholders including industry,

consumers, government, have full functional autonomy in its operation.

WHy NABH Accreditation Is Important to the Hospitals?

Main Goal Of NABH Accreditation

In India NABH was established in 2006 for the purpose of Accreditation

Programme for Healthcare Organization to Improve the Quality Of Healthcare

Service and Patient safety The standards of NABH are accredited by International

Society for Quality in Healthcare (ISQua). it shows the accredited hospital will

also get international recognition.

Advantages of NABH Accreditation

● NABH standards facilitate patient safety and reduction in errors

● Accreditation helps the organization streamline its processes and ensure

adherence to it

● It also provides a framework for setting up quality improvement plans

● Improved quality of care and importance to patient rights results in a greater

patient satisfaction rate

● Accreditation helps improve the confidence of the community towards the

services provided by the hospital

● It also helps recruitment activities as the staff prefers to work with an

accredited organization over a non- accredited organization

● It ensures staff efficiency, accountability, and adherence to Standard

Operating Procedures

● Accreditation bodies provide continuous support and training to the

accredited organization

● An accreditation status provides marketing advantage in a competitive health

care marketplace and improves the ability to secure new business

● It provides the opportunity for the Hospital to benchmark its services with

the best and in turn helps promote footfalls along with medical tourism

The process of application for NABH accreditation:

1.Nominate a coordinator

The hospital or healthcare organization should make a definite plan of action for

obtaining accreditation. One person must be officially nominated to be responsible

for coordination of all activities related to seeking accreditation. This person

should be familiar with existing hospital quality assurance system.

2.Know the standards

The health care organization should get familiar with the prescribed standard and

implement them. Rules are available at online.


The applicant hospital should download the self-assessment toolkit from the

NABH official website and self-assess itself against NABH standards. This should

be done atleast 3 months before submission of application, and the hospital must

ensure that it complies with NABH standards before the application process.

Obtain a copy of application form

Fill and submit the application Form

Pay the Accreditation feez .

NABH conducts various accreditation and certification programs are

● Hospitals

● Small Health Care Organization (SHCO)

● Blood bank

● Allopathic clinics

● Primary health center

● Dental centers


● Eye care organization

● Ayurveda hospital

● Homeopathy hospital

● Siddha hospital

● Unani hospital

● Yoga and naturopathy hospital

● Wellness centers

● Spa centers

● Panchakarma clinic

● Pre-entry level for hospital

● Pre-entry level for SHCO

● Nursing excellence program

● Certification of emergency department in hospital


Accreditation standard for hospitals helps to focus on patient safety and improve

quality of healthcare services and processes

is also one of the most frequently used external quality

assessment of healthcare organizations to prove its effectiveness and performance