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Why tactical location is very important for surveillance camera installation:


The tactical surveillance camera location is the backbone of any surveillance systems, fixing the surveillance camera at the strategic location is the foundation of any surveillance project. Achieving objective is primarily linked to the location chosen for fixing, the better the location the best is the result. Following are the two reported incident where during investigation surveillance camera could not provide the desired result due to the improper camera location.

Why tactical location is very important for surveillance camera installation:

Incident One- Cash counter:

During fake currency investigation Police found that the currency depositor’s face is not visible clearly, the face blurred due to excessive light from opposite side.

Incident Two- Baggage carousel or luggage belt or conveyor belt area at Airport

The luggage from conveyor belt went missing, the Airport Security during the investigation found out that the person lifting the luggage was visible only from the back.

How to take care of checked-in baggage

1. How to decide the tactical location.

The objective should be the centrifugal point while deciding the camera location, few are the following methods with which we can arrive at the best suitable location.

a. Keep an eye on your objective.

b. The decision regarding location through trial and error method

c. Choose the experience and trained integrator and explain your objective.

d. Check the resolution, lens capacity and other parameters of the selected camera.

e. Check the lighting condition of the location.

2. Advantages of strategic camera location

a. Will help you to reduce your project cost.

b. Will provide you with the best image.


The strategic surveillance camera location is a very important factor in surveillance camera project, camera placed at a proper location will always provide you with the best result. We need to give enough time and thought while deciding the camera location.