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Julia Ava

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Why Yahoo Messenger Stopped


From the world of instant messaging, that hugged people and made a special place in your desktops and mobiles, the same Yahoo messenger who has revolutionized the messaging world is now completely closed.

However, Yahoo has shut down its messaging service Yahoo Messenger since July 17. Earlier Yahoo had said, "We have shut down Yahoo Messenger to bring new and better communication tools that are more consistent with the needs of consumers."

But who ruled the messaging world for a while and the other companies showed the way to come to this area, how did he go behind with changing times?

Why did yahoo messenger come to shut down today?

As long as you stay on top of the world of technology, it is very difficult to avoid other companies in the world. Consistent consumer needs and techniques constantly change and you have to walk with it.

But, Yahoo Messenger was behind people's expectations. People did not want just one messenger but they needed everything. The whole world wanted the world to give them Google and even Microsoft, better than Yahoo.

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The way technology is emerging and moving forward, messaging is no longer the only way to send messages through text.

Users now use Google Hangouts, Skype-like video calling services. Here he is also getting the text with the video. The speed of their growth has been faster than Yahoo. You can do all this in Yahoo too, but the way Yahoo looked at this change was probably a little less than the expectations of their clients.

In fact, when customers needed to go ahead and provide these facilities, Yahoo missed them. When another company gives a better feature then you can just follow it, you can not get ahead of it.

A few years ago, Microsoft's name was also heard. It was made in such a way that if you log on to it then you can use any other Microsoft service.

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After all that big companies do with your data

But, as fast as they came, they almost disappeared rapidly. Can say that big companies also make mistakes. Microsoft was trying to control the Internet in a way, through its users.

While Yahoo stayed behind, Microsoft was trying to move forward. But both of the attempts were not correct and the customers rejected them. This is not a strange thing in the world of Tech.

How many mistakes from big companies

Big companies also lag behind in the tech world. This causes the problem to not run with time.

For example, when Sabeer Bhatia started Hotmail in 1996, it was the number one email id. Later they sold it to Microsoft. Hotmail was still at the forefront. About the year 2004 Gmail started. But even after coming into the market, Gmail overtook Hotmail.

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A company like Google tried to understand the customer. The big sky you give him will be so happy. As soon as you log in to Gmail, you can use any of its services. Whether they are online storage, video calling or chat service - they can use anything. Many companies can not provide such facilities to the customer. Something similar has happened with Yahoo too.

However, there are times too many times. It is a coincidence that Google started these services at a time when the way people used to change was also changing. But by then Yahoo had missed a lot.

Right now, Google runs the operating system. Android runs around 90% of the world's mobile. This is also a great advantage for Google. There is a virtue in the world of Tech that there is a big difference between the ones who are at the forefront and the second and third players, which is very difficult to achieve.

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