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Why You Should Keep an Eye on your Children’s School VAN?


Why You Should Keep an Eye on your Children’s School VAN?

To ensure the compleat safety of your child you should keep an eye on your Children’s School VAN. All parents should be aware of the VAN safety guidelines laid by the local authority, each respective area or zone has their own guidelines and regulation regarding VAN safety best suitable for their area and Zones. The parents as well parents association should ensure that all school as well as private VAN owners should be following the guidelines. A School VAN is a very important and integral part of school going children during their school life, the parents and school have equal responsibilities for ensuring the child safety. The following are the few important points the School and parents should be minimum aware of.

What School and parents must speak to the child regularly.

1 . Precaution to be taken while waiting for School VAN.

2 . Rules for boarding the School VAN.

3 . How to handle VAN bulling.

4 . Procedure to follow during the journey.

5 . Getting off from the VAN

Minimum safety guidelines for School VAN

1 . A big and clear display board with the school name and phone number.

2 . Should have the First aid Box.

3. Should have Grill window

4 . Should have a Fire Extinguisher.

5 . Should have proper locking door systems.

6 . Should have proper space to keep school bag.

7 . Should have qualified attendant in School VAN.

8 . A driver should have a minimum of 10 years driving experience.

9 . A driver punished under breaking multiple traffic rules must not be employed.

10 . School VAN should be painted as per local paint guidelines.

11 . Should have speed governor.

12 . Should have GPS and Security camera.

13 . Should have Emergency Exit.

14. Should have local authority inspection report.

15. All other local guidelines etc.

A must for parents to follow

1 . Speak to your child regularly aout VAN experience.

2 . Time to time review School VAN’s guidelines.

3. Keep eye on School VAN’s staff.

4 . Keep School VAN’s staff Phone number.

A must for School to follow

1 . Keep VAN Supervisor.

2 . VAN Supervisor must have VAN tracking details.

3 . School management must speak regularly to VAN staff as well as VAN going children.

4 . Should rotate the Staff regularly.