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Why You Should Not Boil Babys Feeding Bottle and Does Sterilizing Kill Bacteria


Did the neighbor auntyji tell you that you're just throwing money away on all this fancy baby equipment? Did she tell you that you just need to immerse your baby's feeding bottles in boiling water, and voila – they're sterilized? Boiling a child's feeding bottles is an age-old practice in Indian homes—our mothers and grandmothers have been sterilizing bottles by boiling them. Unfortunately, it doesn't really solve the issue of sterilizing the baby bottles. Doctors now unanimously agree that boiling bottles does not kill all bacteria. So then what is the ideal method if not boiling?

Why Should I Not Boil My Baby's Feeding Bottles?

Sterilization means killing 100% bacteria. When we boil the bottles, we think that bottles are sterilized. However, hard shelled bacteria spores don't get destroyed by boiling water

Newborns are at a higher risk of infections as their immunity levels do not develop until they are about 2 years old

It is therefore critical that they be protected well by sterilizing everything that they are exposed to, especially food and utensils that they use. To do this, boiling is not enough