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Why you should Select Gmail over other mails


Why you should Select Gmail over other mails

Nowadays everybody enjoys the open connectivity that the internet provides, but they don’t realise the vulnerability to the cybercrime. Online hacking has become so widespread that it is estimated by 2021 cybercrime damages will cost huge money to the world. All it takes the hacker a single weak link to gain access to entire data systems. To avoid this we need to eliminate all weak links of our online space, we should use high industry standard online products and services which is well protected. Phishing email is one of the major cause of cybercrime, so we need to be very careful while choosing email service providers.

Why we should select Gmail over other mails

Gmail is very safe to use because it uses a very high standard of security features and most of the time eliminate the attacks at the source itself. If we use our devices carefully and follow set industry device procedure the Gmail is 100% safe to use. Following are some of the vital and convincing reason for you to prefer Gmail over other mail.

Gmail default settings provide very high standards of security.

Gmail uses very high industry standard of encryption.

Coding and decoding are of high standard.

Gmail uses two-factor authentication.

You can always check your activity in your account for verification.

Gmail continuously upgrading their privacy and security features to eliminate any latest attack.

It eliminates the spam, phishing mail and other junk mail at the source itself.

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Why you should take following extra precaution to avoid any attack from end-user device.

Open your mail with protected PC which has some reasonable security features.

Always log out once work completed.

Avoid insecure network or public Wi-fi

Keep better password.