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Jack Potter

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Your Ultimate Guide To Design Bang On Business Logo


Irrespective of size of your business you always need to have the best logo. It is not only about promoting your brand and products but a lot and lot more. Having said that, you got to have a professional logo design services company by your side.

Your Ultimate Guide To Design Bang On Business Logo

You may belong to any industry and may not have expertise of designing and development. But every entrepreneur is well acquainted with the very importance of business logo. Many of you would think that logo design is subject to change with the preferences of business owners. This can be true to some extent nevertheless there are some golden rules to follow. Want to create something magical? Let our findings help you have outstanding logo for your business.

Remind yourself of the logos from your childhood

To understand the importance of crafting an out and out innovative and effective logo you will have to dig into your past. Turn the pages to your childhood and you will be able to remember the famous logos of big brands like McDonalds, Apple, Nike and many such.

logos from your childhood

It is difficult to say how much logos of famous brands helped them to establish and flourish the respective businesses. But one thing about them can be definitely realized and that is a strong connection between business logo and success of business. Some of the brands which started their journey in yester century still managed to carry the same logos watching tens of decades passing by.

Logo Inspiration coming your way with examples

Getting inspired is much important. If you want to accomplish something big you should be aiming high. You may be a small business as of now but that does not stop you from dreaming and then attempting to realization of those dreams.

Coming back to the topic how would you create an impressive logo? What is your idea of creating finest logo for your organization? If not very sure then take the lessons from these iconic brand logos.


Keeping it simple but with attitude is what can be learnt from Nike. For its logo leaves huge impact along with creating respect, equity and attitude. Influence of this very simple and basic logo is so much so that when a little boy draws swoosh on a rough paper, it belongs to Nike. Google had the confidence to keep it simple. Brutal simplicity of the logo is embarked with four-color palette.

Message to be taken: Identification is the most important.


Brand repositioning is the biggest thing that can be taken from McDonald’s logo. When a wave of child obesity raised the eyebrows of parents, McDonald conveniently shifted its target market to youngsters. While the golden arches remained the same the bright red was replaced by hunter green.

Message to be taken: Understand the flow and change your direction accordingly.


Sometimes not changing is good for your business and brand image. As the adage goes “old is gold”. Your business logo can be your heritage and it is to be preserved. Coca Cola has preserved it not only for decades but even with the passing centuries. The cursive script and very simple logo of the company was perfect and thus it was not required to change.

Message to be taken: Fix only what is broken.

Subtle strangeness is great

Do you think brand equity has a deep connection with the product you sell? At least iconic American brand Starbucks didn’t worked on those lines for its logo has nothing in common with coffee and other products sold. The mermaid appearing may not be sipping tall Mocha but it cements the brand recognition and stands out.

Message to be taken: Unlikely association in moderation can work for you.


Nobody knew that Amazon will come out with flying colors after bursting of the dotcom bubble. Survival of Amazon happened because it diversified itself on time from books and music. Introducing a witty flourish from A to Z was much relevant. The arrow connecting A and Z in the logo doubles as a smile and gives warmth to its customers.

Message to be taken: You need not to be too specific if you are in expansion mode.

A logo should not be over-complicated. It should be in sync with your business values so that the message is interpreted correctly by your target audience.