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YouTube video marketing 8 strategies


YouTube has 1 billion active users per month, close to one-seventh of the global population. As the owner of the YouTube channel, attracting these active users is a long-term solution to increase channel subscriptions. But it’s impossible to just expect YouTube to bring you these subscribers.

Whether you're using the YouTube channel for marketing or sharing something interesting, here are some ways to help you grow your audience:

YouTube video marketing 8 strategies

Ensure content consistency

The key to the success of all YouTube channels is to maintain content consistency.

You don't just repeat the subject matter in the channel content (such as a format, theme, or niche you are in), but also let the audience know what it is and the audience has no time to understand what you think. Operate your YouTube channel like a business brand .

Usually, people who subscribe to your channel are expecting you to present more content.

But not all YouTube video publishers, like Pewdiepie and Casey Neistat, have a specific theme.

So, if you are just starting to run YouTube self-channel, first figure out what you want to do and what you want to do.

The following strategies are worth learning:

1. Production channel introduction video

Many YouTube self-channels will have an introductory video at the top of the page that will automatically play when the visitor arrives.

You can also capture the more exciting parts of the past video clips, create such an introductory video, and place it on the home page to let new visitors quickly understand your channel's theme.

2, would like to introduce some YouTube clips for your ad word

Whether it is entrepreneurs, freelance entrepreneurs , creators, often underestimate the effect of "elevator lobbying", YouTube video creators are no exception.

You can use the ad words in the introduction and end of the video to make a simple channel introduction.

Most YouTube Reds will say "If you like this video, you can like it, comment and subscribe if you like this video ." But this practice has left the video itself, and there are far fewer advertisements when users watch video content. Persuasive.

Advertising words don't have to be complicated, such as: "I usually post a video every Wednesday afternoon, and the next video will introduce XXX." These seconds briefly summarize the channel's information and attract new viewers to click on the subscription.

3, the video thumbnail matches the theme of the channel

In some ways, video thumbnails are more appealing to people than clicking on your videos, so make sure they are consistent with the subject matter, as this will make your channel look more organized.

Although YouTube allows users to select a picture in a video as a thumbnail, in contrast, it is better to design it yourself. You can use Canva (free) to create unique thumbnails for each screen, taking care to ensure the fluency and consistency of the styles of all the screen thumbnails.

Here's a good example. Potential subscribers can get a general idea of the content of the video through thumbnails. You can check few best youtube thumbnail maker tools online and create beautiful thumbnail.

Creators are easily lost in the creative process, ignoring the classification of videos and making new users wonder. You should be aware that in addition to taking into account the audience on the channel, you should also consider other channels, even those outside the YouTube platform.

4. Work with other YouTube video publishers with similar audiences

It’s not uncommon for YouTube video publishers to collaborate with each other, which is a great way to reach new audiences. A common practice is for video publishers to appear in each other's videos so that both people have the opportunity to be recognized in front of other creators' audiences.

You can contact the YouTube video publisher who knows or wants to collaborate and come up with the idea of cross-promotion.

5, with the help of "hot spots" to get attention

“蹭 Hotspot” is one of YouTube’s video promotion strategies. You can consider making videos related to hot news, celebrities, and fashion trends, because they already have a certain audience and can attract new subscriptions for you.

Here are some common "hot" video production methods:

(1) Use existing popular songs in the video.

(2) imitate and discuss popular things or things in the video (such as Pokemon Go or fingertip gyro).

(3) Respond to other popular video creators in the video.

(4) Respond to popular videos, imitate, comment, etc.

(5) Publish your own thoughts, opinions, etc. on popular news.

Post this type of post at the right time, reach out to people who didn't follow your video and direct them to your channel.

6. Share videos in the niche network community

You may have already shared the video to Facebook or Twitter. But have you explored other online communities, especially those where the video audience "stopped"?

Reddit, Facebook, and niche communities on the forums all have an audience that appreciates your videos. When you want to post videos to other sub-sections, or Facebook groups , try to post the relevance of the video content, not just the size of the community.

Remember, when posting a video, let people know who you are and what you do (you can use your introductory video on YouTube). Often, community users are very focused on the consistency of community discussion topics, so make sure that the content posted at the outset is of sufficient value and relevance.

The more videos you have, the more likely users are to subscribe, which gives them a reason to follow you.

7, create a playlist

Playlists are a great way for users to organize YouTube content. These lists will have an opportunity to appear in YouTube's search results, of course the name is important. You can use the Keywords Everywhere Chrome extension to view the amount of monthly searches for various content and give your playlist a good name.

If you have enough content, consider composing them into a playlist. Not only does this effectively categorize the video, but you can also choose the next video to play to the viewer, rather than automatically playing other creator videos with YouTube.

You can share video connections directly from the playlist, so that all the videos the viewer sees are from your channel.

8. Recommend other videos using the YouTube "info card"

YouTube has turned off annotations, and annotations can direct viewers to other web pages, a move that has confessed many creators. So YouTube launched a "information card", equivalent to the enhanced version of the annotation function.

Therefore, it is recommended that you use these cards to recommend other videos, playlists, or specific videos that viewers can watch.

Building your own followers and getting a rapid increase in subscriptions through "buy users" has no real utility in the long run. You don't need a million subscribers to attract viewers. What you need is a group of fans who support you, they love everything that is uploaded on the channel.

If you say that Youtube proves, it is that everything on the Internet has its audience. No matter what you create, you will find an audience that likes you.