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Navdeep Singh

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PVR taking over Sathyam signify for the film industry?


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Letsdiskuss Theatre and show business has already going through difficult times. Due to piracy, they are facing the worst time ever in the history. Another reason is the multiplexes and their high rocketed  cost of tickets, parking lots and the snacks they are selling. And foreign intruders like Netflix and Amazon prime are adding ghee to already burning situation.

In this situation if the multiplex groups are buying the iconic Sathyam also known as SPI Cinemas then the significance will be bad for the entertainment industry as it  is in its last stage of survival. Because Sathyam theatre is the identity of Madras aka Chennai. Sathyam theatre witnessed so many silver jubilee and golden jubilee celebrations of not only Tamil but also other language movies. Its ticket cost was not as high as the multiplexes. Satyam's cold coffee and popcorn is very famous. And it is a emotion rather than the place to watch movies.

In Kerala the Ajay- Bijli run PVR is the market leader in theatre business. And PVR is now aiming to spread their monopoly in Hyderabad and Chennai also. With this acquisition PVR cinemas is the seventh largest theatre chain owners in the world. By 2020 PVR will have 1000 screens.

For Sathyam also it is a very good offer. Most of their multiplexes are in leased out malls or properties. 18 years back Kiran Reddy expanded this SPI chain of theatres and now it is returning time for their investment. Their snacks and cold coffees are famous among theatre goers. Kiran Reddy in his recent press release stated that" The core SPI team will continue to nurture and shape your experience by preserving everything you love about us. From the people to the food our commitment to excellence will remain intact"

Both PVR group and SPI cinemas are happy, as they are getting property and profit . People are only upset as they have to pay more to watch movies in the same place when they once paid a reasonable price.


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