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Shab E barat (Muslim festival) wonderful quotes


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The meaning of Shab-e-raat is the night of salvation or the night of freedom from the Fire of Hell. In comes in the Mid-Shaban, i.e, between 14th and 15th day of Shaban. This night is known as Shab-e-raat or Laylat-ul-Baraa.

Best 5 quotes for Shab-e-raat are written below, hope you like them:

1. Rehmaton ki hai ye raat,
Namaazon ka rakhna saath,
Manwa lena rab se har baat,
Duaon mein rakhna yaad,
Mubarak ho aap ko,

2. Today is Shab-e-raat
The night of blessing
When the deeds of the whole human year is presented above
When the decisions of
“Life” and “Death”
Are made for the next year
The Night of “Ibaadat”

3. May this Shab-e-raat,
Mercy, blessing, benefit, pardon
And forgiveness that descends upon the people of the earth.

4. Aaj Shab-e-raat ki raat hai
Khuda ka sab pe haath hai,
Mere ibbadat ki ek he raaz hai,
Jisme sirf aur sirf teri salamati ki baat hai.

5. Whoever spends this night
In prayer out of faith and in the hope of reward
Will be forgiven his previous sins.
Shab-e-raat Mubarak!