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Rahul Singh

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Shilpa Shinde join Congress Is this helpful for Congress in Lok Sabha elections 2019?


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Before talking about Shilpa Shinde on this matter we should take a quick review of her past. Shilpa Shinde struggle started from 1999 (starting from “Bhabhi”), and then for STAR PLUS soap and then her hiatus /breakthrough SAB TV serial “Bhabhi Ji Ghar pe hai”. She was then known beyond borders .

       Currently , the political situation is some what turbulent. Competition mainly comprises of “Modi vs All”. Congress seems to be making every effort , anything from hook or nook either by accusing Modi government or recruiting new arrivals (Priyanka Gandhi) and now Ms Shinde.
 To me, Shilpa also seems as a tool for the same. Keeping in mind Shinde having political experience as good as none. So the real question comes out to be “Why she suddenly urges to join the oldest party ”? Shilpa Shinde is naturally a personality and congress has been craving personified figures for the party benefit. Is Shilpa Shinde also craving for popularity ?. Well, these questions are controversial .
   Lets listen to Shilpa too..
        “Congress party has run this country for ages. This is why i decide to join it. Today country is in dire need of change and only congress can bring about this change.”- Shilpa Shinde at an induction function.
  Shilpa Shinde at an interview includes that she didn’t had enough work back then which led to contest in Big Boss season 11, which she miraculously won. Naturally resulting in abundance of fame!

  Shinde never fails to eulogize congress in hr interviews tagging it as “anti-racist” a party and the only one to dig India out of the current crisis. She added that she was keen to contest election, but did not specify if it was lok sabha or state assembly, both of which are scheduled this year – another Coincidence.
And of course her burning desire for Rahul Gandhi to take oath as the next PM is really interesting .. to me she seems very mawkish about congress.
  Well, for the last Shilpa Shinde enrolment to congress could have benefited congress in a long run. But focusing for GE 19’ its not that prolific. No doubt Shinde has her influences over thousand of people and she being with congress will augment its glory but not for this race.


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