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Shekhar Chandra

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Should article 370 for Kashmir be revoked?


Entrepreneur | Posted on

According to Article 370, all the laws that the Indian parliament passes for J& K, needs an approval of the state government before they get implemented. Exceptions to these laws are those related to defence, foreign affairs, communication and finance. The state of Jammu and Kashmir is currently being governed according to the specific laws of the state itself. Those laws come under the constitution of Jammu and Kashmir instead of rest of the country.

There are different views regarding whether this article should be revoked or not. One side believes that if it is revoked there will be a huge gap between the state and Indian Union. The other major issue is that Ladakh will be made a Union Territory which implies that it will be detached from Jammu and Kashmir. There will be disturbances in the state and its relations with the rest of the country. It is believed that completely abolishing this Article will help J & K to attain same status as that of the other states in the constitution. Many also feel that unemployment will be a big issue as people will have to go outside for jobs. Article 370 preserves the identity, culture and freedom of the people living in J & K.

The other side is completely opposite in their opinion. There are many people who think that Article 370 will be a good step for the long run. Because of this Article, anyone who is not a native Kashmiri cannot buy property inside the state. The state will witness better job employment and living conditions when national law and order will be applicable to it. It is also supposed that this Article will act like a bridge between the state and the centre. So as of now, this subject is highly debatable and a complex affair because both the sides have their Pros and cons and no set agreements can achieved.