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Posted 26 Feb, 2020 |

Should I invest in a passport cover?

Amrin Ved

Student | Posted 26 Feb, 2020

Obviously you should as passport has always been the most important document in identifying you as a person in a foreign country, and you wouldn't want to get it damaged by anything. So speaking of my personal experience, it could have got a bit rough but I got to know about it way too soon before it got worse. Actually, I'm a bit careless when it comes to maintaining things, and the same happened with my passport unless I saw the original cover of it was wearing off and I got scared as it can cause issues while the immigration process. That's when my father suggested that I need to be careful with it and advised me to get a passport cover. I started searching for it offline in the markets and I couldn't get anything as per my wish. That's when I decided to search online and I came across this brand - The Messy Corner and they have some awesome quality passport covers. So, I bought the customized passport cover online from The Messy Corner and it has helped me in various ways in saving my passport. I can finally be sure that I don't need to worry about my passport now.