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Should I opt for rental service instead of buying anything?


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“In the land of ideas, one is always renting.”

What do you think after buying the thing which you wanted to buy from a very long time? You visualize that “Owner” crown on your head, a person with the ownership rights! You start feeling the power of authority taking birth inside. And, that should be. After all, something will never disobey you, you are the true owner!
All this while you were busy in settling the equation with your owned good and on top of that you were paying its EMIs (Easy Monthly Instalments) and don’t forget about that invisibly fat Down Payment.

You must have had had the opinion when you were buying your favourite product that it will not be a burden on your pocket because payment is in instalments but then it became a burden on your mind, the burden which kept on increasing as each next day passed, the burden of its resale due to fall in the value because of factors like time, obsolescence, amortization, etc. which is technically called as Depreciation. And, I must tell you that Depreciation is the crucial reason which can never let you attain the fair value of your asset even if it was unused. After all, a seller can never win in the bargain made by a smart buyer at the time of resale. In the process of arriving at the undesirably desirable figure at the time of resale, you go in the flashback when you were paying so much for its maintenance along with instalment amount plus a nice double-digit rate of interest.
Every time a new technology came and you somehow managed with your very owned asset. Its cost never allowed you to buy a new thing and upgrade yourself. Now, again for a while put this buying thought on one side, Done??
Okay! Think and tell me what are you the owner of your smile, your happiness? No! One cannot buy her/his smile. We all take it on Rent, sometimes from circumstances and sometimes from people!