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Ramesh Kumar

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Should PM Narendra Modi visit Pakistan if Imran Khan invites him for the talks?


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Here’s something you might have only guessed: the days of talking between India and Pakistan is gone now. With governments on either side slurping mass support out of the bogus idea of “nationalism”, neither of them would really take any initiative that might make them look less powerful.

Talks? We’ve heard both sides talk before, in the past 4 years. And we’ve seen the outcome. Inviting Nawaz Sharif to Modi’s oath ceremony was a mere PR stunt. So was Modi’s visit to Pakistan to attend Sharif’s daughter’s marriage. While it was comforting to see leaders of the states being on such friendly terms at times, we all knew the veiled truth of hollowed relationship under their smiles and hugs.  

India and Pakistan situation would never be settled for as long as Kashmir is in the middle. And Kashmir is something that neither of the countries would want to compromise on.  

So, talks? Aside from holding the diplomatic posture, they are pretty useless.  

Current Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan has spewed venom against India during his election campaign. Rather like Narendra Modi who, before becoming the PM, in his campaign speeches, was all rough-and-tough on Pakistan. None will bow to the other. 

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Yes, there would be talks. With Cameras’ flashes brightly painting their smiling faces, handshakes, and hugs. Yes, there would be news channels on either side, calling the talk a “historic moment”. Here, the sold-out media would go gaga over Modi, there it would be for Imran. But the truth is, such talks will never be conclusive. At least for as long as Modi and Imran are in power. The governments on both sides needto take a shift to welcome a fresh air of change between India and Pakistan.  

Now talking about whether Imran Khan will invite PM Narendra Modi for “the talks”? It’s very unlikely. Imran Khan formed the government out of support from the military there. And with history as evidence, Pakistani military doesn’t believe in talks with India. So, I don’t think, aside from painting a picture that of a cooperative neighbor on global forums, Imran Khan would make any proactive attempt to call and meet PM Modi.  

But in case if he does that, currently you can be certain that PM Modi wouldn’t want to meet him, given the approaching General Election 2018. He wouldn’t want to give the opposition the opportunity to target him by meeting Imran Khan, which apparently is “anti-national” in right-wing’s nationalist books.  

So, yeah, don’t expect things to change and improve between India and Pakistan. Not today. Not tomorrow. We can all just thank right now that the current situation is much calmed on both sides.


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