Should the government have stopped Flipkart-Walmart deal to prevent the company from working for USA and China? - letsdiskuss
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Vikas joshi

Sales Executive in ICICI Bank | Posted on | News-Current-Topics

Should the government have stopped Flipkart-Walmart deal to prevent the company from working for USA and China?


Marketing Manager | Posted on

Flipkart is a private country. What it does with its existence and strategies is its own thing. Indian government has no prerogative over it. So, I don’t think the officials would have ever intruded the deal between this e-commerce giant and the retail mammoth that is Walmart.

Now coming to a part of your question—just because Walmart has purchased the majority of Flipkart’s shares doesn’t mean that this e-commerce company will now be working for USA and China. Walmart is an international company that, broadly put, functions standalone in different countries. Yes, the CEO and the management of Walmart are based in USA—but they don’t necessary rule their branches or ventures in different countries. Each of their undertakings in different countries work individually, with very less intrusion. Besides, even when they intrude, they would do that as the head of the company and not necessarily as American or Chinese.

So, don’t just listen to rumours and people with half-hearted knowledge. Walmart has purchased Flipkart. This doesn’t mean Flipkart will be working for USA and China. This whole idea is quite absurd. And it is propagated by people who mistake Swadeshi to limiting progress. With Flipkart under Walmart, as a consumer, expect good things ahead—cheaper products, more discounts, and more market competition.

Also, as is propagated by many that Flipkart sellers would experience big losses because Walmart may start selling its own private label products on Flipkart, it’s also a fake news. Walmart has no such plan. CEO Doug McMillon has made it pretty clear already. In the coming days, with more announcements from the company, we would definitely see them taking important steps that would profit the sellers. After all, Flipkart is where it is now is all because of the small sellers.

All in all, stop buying the paranoia that many people are selling. Flipkart and Walmart deal is a good one for everyone.