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Sanya Chopra

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Should they make another Harry Potter movie in the series?


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Okay, before coming to that “should they” part, let’s first talk on “will they”.

Author JK Rowling has made is very clear in the past interviews (and on Twitter) that there will be no more addition to the Harry Potter series. She said, “I think we’re done”.

Also the lead character, Daniel Radcliff who portrays titular role onscreen, too, has said that he won’t be starring anymore in Harry Potter movies. And I am pretty sure, after a journey of over a decade other original actors of the series feel the same way.

So here’s one of your answer- THERE WON’T BE ANY MORE HARRY POTTER MOVIE.

But this doesn’t mean the journey isn’t continuing. JK Rowling keeps on adding new stories on Pottermore, a Harry Potter dedicated portal.

To that, her play ‘The Cursed Child’, which follows a 37-year old Potter with three kids, has been a massive hit—even though new actors took over the original roles. It was more than exciting for the fandom.

On a personal level, even I don’t want any more movies in the Harry Potter series. Not that I won’t like it but I believe the series had the perfect ending and everything happened great. It’s now a legacy that must not be disturbed. Remember, everything should (and must) come to an end. If it continues, its charm will eventually fade.

So I am glad it ended. But this is what I feel. I am quite sure there are millions out there who would love another Harry Potter movie with the same trio of Daniel, Rupert and Emma playing Harry, Ron and Hermione.

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