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Some funny things from Work From Home that you want to share?


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Is 'work from home' right for you?

It is not a matter of everyone to sit and work in the office. Startup culture has made it more complex.

That is why the trend of working from home is increasing with the changing times. If you also want to start work from home, then it is important to first know whether it will be right for you or not. Only then should you decide about it.

1. Do you want to keep personal and professional life separate?
Many people want to keep their professional and personal lives separate. This is not possible in work from home. Apart from this, it is possible that you also have to work on your vacation day. Therefore, if you also want to keep professional and personal life separate, then work from home will not be right for you. .

2. Do you maintain concentration among the din?
TV noises, children's devils and household chores can distract your attention while working at home. Because of this, you are not able to do your work with full devotion. Apart from this, phone and internet can also distract you.

3. Will low income help you?
Less money is available in work from home. It is also a challenge to connect customers in the initial stages. If you have financial responsibilities, then you should focus on regular jobs.

4. Are you weak in networking?
Networking is important for career. You do not get a chance to meet more people while working from home. Connecting with new people opens the way for you to progress in the future. Conversations on phone or e-mail do not make a deep connection. So if you are weak in networking, then work from home is not for you.

5. Do you like loneliness?
Many times you feel lonely when you are not connected to the company. Every day a little interaction with colleagues in the office reduces your stress. Apart from this, you can prepare a better network for yourself in the office.

Look I know there is nothing funny in my ans. because Nothing is funny we are talking about work . So I have explain some important things.