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Sudden Demise of Senior Journalist and a Popular TV News Anchor Rohit Sardana


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The demise of Rohit Sardana! Yes, shocking but true. No more Rohit Sardana with us!


RIP to Rohit Sardana! Yes, friends, we are talking about that famous Tv news anchor/journalist Late Rohit Sardana who has just passed away due to covid. Extremely shocking news. Right! We have nothing to do before destiny. Yes, covid has also taken this famous media personality away from us. This straight forward journalist was popular for the style of his anchoring and professionalism. Before joining the News channel 'Aaj Tak’ in 2017, he was an anchor in 'Taal Thok ke' that used to be telecasted in Zee news. It was a debate show on some of the temporary issues at that time. His talent got more appreciation when he started his career in the 'Aaj Tak' news channel in the 'Dangal' show. However, he was still working for the 'Aaj Tak' channel only before his unexpected death.


Well, Rohit Sardana's death is undoubtedly a huge loss for the media industry. Let us take a look at various feelings of the celebrities in the form of their comments on Twitter


Sudhir Chaudhary(Editor-in-chief of Zee News): He is one of them who was closely associated with Rohit Sardana. He never expected that this virus would take this great talent so suddenly. So he is in total shock.


Now let us see what Rajdeep Sardesai(senior journalist) wanted to express on the sudden death of this debate specialist Rohit Sardana.



Image Source-Jaagran TV

Rajdeep revealed that Rohit died because of a heart attack today morning. He said it's very heart breaking news for everyone. He also felt very bad for his family from the core of his heart.


No doubt we all have lost a real gem today due to covid. But just think of his family! Enough strength to the family is required to bear the loss! These are only the prayers of each of his fans to god.


Narendra Modi has also expressed his sad feelings on Twitter on the sudden demise of this kind-hearted, energetic, and extremely talented senior journalist Rohit Sardana.


Well, many fans and tv personalities are so moved by the news that they feel shattered, unable to express their feelings properly. People were so connected with him and his work that this news left almost everyone completely numb.



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