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Amayra Badoni

Student (Delhi University) | Updated 24 Jul, 2018 |

Suggest me some good documentary movies to watch.

newasif seo

Blogger | Posted 31 Oct, 2018

1. Jesus Camp

This is a horrific documentary on how the evangelicals are indoctrinating the impressionable minds of young kids in USA.

According to this Evangelist, Harry Potter is a "Warlock" and warlocks should not be made a hero. And had it been the old testament, Harry Potter would have been put to death.

They are creating an army of sorts using these kids and imprint on their minds the notions like "dying for Jesus" and "abortion is a sin".

What's more scary is that these people have a huge political sway and can even influence election outcomes. And they are slowly creeping up in India too.

2. Tickled

Heard of a competition where participants tickle each other?

Tickled is a story where a New Zealand journalist decides to make a story on Competitive Endurance Tickling event but ends up exposing shocking identity theft crimes and legal frauds of a tickle fetished millionaire. 3. ENRON: The Smartest Guys in the Room

Tickled is a story where a New Zealand journalist decides to make a story on Competitive Endurance Tickling event but ends up exposing shocking identity theft crimes and legal frauds of a tickle fetished millionaire.

3. ENRON: The Smartest Guys in the Room

This energy company went from 10 billion assets to 65 billion assets in 16 years and to total bankruptcy in 24 days.

These guys gamed the system so much that they were completely careless about the consequences.


Icarus is a shocking documentary in which the director of Anti Doping laboratory of Russia and a cyclist of the US expose the systematic doping of Russian athletes that is sponsored by Russia itself. This goes on all the way to the top to even Putin. A great watch

5. The Jinx : Life and Deaths of Robert Durst

This documentary should be on the top of every one’s list. It follows the case of a high profile murder allegedly committed by a real estate millionaire Robert Durst and is extremely chilling.

The final episode just puts your brain in a blender.

Urmila Solanki

BBA in mass communication | |Updated 10 Jul, 2018

Documenting reality, that’s what the art of documentary movies means. Entirely different from the world of commercial masala movies, the world of documentary movies gain its substance by intermixing the reality with art and coming to a conclusion which allows us to draw a message or lesson coming from some real life examples.

There are many documentaries which are worth missing any commercial movie making millions on box office. These movies leave you with some thoughts to ponder upon and more importantly to act accordingly.

Below enlisted are top 10 documentary movies that must be watched if you are a cinema lover:

1. LIFE, ANIMATED (2016)

This Oscar nominated documentary movie is based on the novel by Ron Suskind's book about his son. It’s an enlightening movie which showcases the life of a boy as he finds himself unable to make sense of his real surroundings. His perturbed parents find consolation when the boy shows interest in the world of animation, particularly in the Walt Disney movies. His intense response to the animated world became a way of his liberation from the kind of “real” world he find himself surrounded by.


It is also an Oscar winning movie, which shows a long interview with former U.S. Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara. The insights that he shares about his political career are worth knowing as he talks about the American preoccupation with the Vietnam War.

3. SOUND AND FURY (2000)

This Oscar-nominated movie is a great lesson for those who always aspire to fit in. A story of a pair of brother and sister, one deaf and other hearing, it teaches you how to gain a place in a community, and how to deal with the mainstream culture.


A movie that was recorded for a father-less child, Zachary, by the friend of the dead father so that the son would know about him, turned into a sensational documentary movie. Recorded purely with personal intentions, the movie was loved by the kind of life it portrayed when released publicly.


This movies shows the horrifying reality of indifferent medical institutions and government towards the marginalized section of society. The movie is based on the struggles of this section of the society to fight from AIIDS.

6. THE WORK (2017)

This movie deals with the psychological condition of prisoners. The story relates the incident of the convicts of the infamous Falson Prison being taken for a group therapy that served as their rehabilitation. This disturbing story deals with the self-exploration and the discoveries made through this process.

7. PINA (2011) 

Highly creative and artistic, this movie relates the incidents of a dancer and choreographer. It should be watched for its excellent cinematography and an extraordinary story.


This movie is a critique of racism in the most beautiful and disturbing way. It is s story of the rape of a young woman and a group of black men who are falsely accused for the crime. Later they are assaulted and tortured to confess the crime they had never committed.


It is a story of utter failure when success is all what one has expected. Looking back at the past, we can judge our failures and ourselves critically and make the necessary amendments in our lives is what this movie teaches us.

10. I AM NOT YOUR NEGR0 (2016)

This is a narration based on the words of an acclaimed critic and novelist, James Baldwin. According to a source, “I Am Not Your NEGR0 tells the story of American identity through Baldwin's eyes, looking at the lives and deaths of Medgar Evers, Malcolm X, and Martin Luther King, Jr. alongside Hollywood-produced images delivered to the American public on screens across the nation.”