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the best school in hyderabad india ?


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The school is always referred to as the second home of a child where teachers become the parents of the students. Choosing the best school for your child is very important and this is the foundation stage and unless and until the child is able to imbibe good values in her/her the whole purpose of education goes for a toss. There is a good school everywhere or you can say that no school is bad. The school becomes successful by the combined efforts of its management, teachers, and students.

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Hyderabad is a city which is growing with more and more opportunities every next day. Let us have a look at each school one by one:
1. Delhi School of Excellence (CBSE)
2. Jubilee Public School (CBSE)
3. Johnson Grammer School (ICSE)
4. P Obul Reddy Public School (CBSE)
5. Chirec International School (CBSE, IB, Cambridge)
6. Delhi Public School (CBSE)
7. Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan (CBSE)
8. Hyderabad Public School (ICSE)
9. Nasr School for Girls and Boys (ICSE)
10. Gitanjali Devashala (ICSE)