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dhruv parmar

Student | Posted 08 Nov, 2018 |

Things to examine while purchasing hallmarked gold?

Preeti Taneja

Entrepreneur | |Updated 12 Nov, 2018

When purchasing hallmarked gold, one of the foremost things you must care about is purchasing it from a hallmarked jeweler in the first place. Now the BIS website is supposed to have a list of such hallmarked jewelers. But honestly, their website sucks, and I didn’t find any such list. So, the next thing you should do is check the certification of the jewelers. They essentially have proper certificates to vouch for the quality of their products. Of course, many of them can easily have fake certificates, in which case, you should focus on other factors like…

· BIS (or Bureau of Indian Standards) logo on the jewelry. Also, look for Purity Grade, Year of Making, and Jewellers’ identification mark. All these will look like this…

· Making charges of the jewelry, which jewelers charge on will. So, you need to keep an eye on who’s charging extravagantly. Usually, the marking change is calculated per gram.
· The reputation of the jeweler. Avoid your local, average-Joe jeweler and go for the renowned shops and brands. There, you can rest assured of the quality and authenticity of your purchase.

These are a few things you must examine while purchasing hallmarked gold.

Here’s a ‘Jaago Grahak Jaago’ campaign by the Bureau of Indian Standards:

(Courtesy: Business Insider)