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Top 10 Countries who are famous for Wines?


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Wine is one of the most elegant drinks served around the world, and all wine-enthusiasts have their own preferences regarding the wine they think tastes better. There are wines of some regions however, that are undeniably delicious and hard to resist.


Some countries have perfected the art of making finest wines so much so that tourists visit these countries only to taste the authentic wine. 10 such countries are listed below:

1. France: Limiting its production of wine since some recent years, France is still the best wine making country in the whole world.

2. Italy: Italy is the country which stays in neck to neck competition with France in the production of most delicious wines.

3. Spain: It is the home to largest wine acreage in the world.

These three countries are the top three wine regions and the wine produced in these countries is enough to fill 5,127 Olympic-sized swimming pools.


Other countries that serve the finest of this delicacy are:

4. United States: The world’s largest wine producer is California.

5. Argentina: Argentina is a country which relies heavily on wine exports.

6. Australia: It remains in competition with the US in the wine export market, especially in Asian countries.

7. Germany: If you want to have most aromatic white wines, then Germany is the place you may want to visit.

8. South Africa: It is the house of delicious Chenin Blanc.

9. Canada: Surprisingly enough, Canada has been making wine for more than 200 years.

10. Ireland: Again a surprise, but yea. Ireland has some vineyards which are worth visiting.


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There's not a good answer to this question. I don't mean to be evasive or arrogant, but the best wine is the wine that tastes best to your personal tasting profile. I know the flavors, characteristics and types of wine that I prefer, but no one knows better than themselves what they might favor. As you may see this is such a value-loaded question that I wouldn't know where to start or stop in listing wines. When friends make a similar request, I ask them for a list of wines from a store they frequent. Based on what I know about their personal tasting preferences, I'm able to compose a list of wines, based on a favorable quality/price ratio, that I hope they may find interesting.


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