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shruti arya

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Top 5 Amazon smart speakers for your home


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I picked the third Generation Echo Dot in light of cost. The speaker is superior to the second era, however those picking a speaker for music playback ought to pick something different. You can match a few Dots in a room with the goal that you have sound system, and they sell a subwoofer for it also. However, I trust it's conceivable to purchase a brilliant speaker from an outsider that will coordinate into the Alexa (or Google Assistant) world. You'd at present need an Echo Dot (or like) pull it off however.

The Echo Dot is the market chief, and I believe that maybe it is the best speaker for the cash.


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First you need to decide which voice assistant you want to use like Alexa, Google Assistant and Siri they all have their own pros and cons but the most popular and easily available smart speakers are provided by Google and Amazon. They work great and also are easily available.

Secondly you need to decide the budget and other specifications like sound quality and the interface. Do you want a touch screen or a voice assistant interface? Do you want the device to connect with other gadgets? Here are some options for the best smart speakers which are best to you in your house.

1.Amazon echo dot with clock

• Features- Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity
• Reason to buy- Cleaner presentation, better timings and dynamic.

Echo Dot with Clock is actually the best-sounding Dot that Amazon has produced. The clock feature allows you to change the settings to outside temperature if there is already a clock in your room or you don’t want to use the clock feature. It can also be used as your kitchen clock. Echo Dot with Clock is more comfortable keeping a tempo as well as offering more rhythmic drive.

2. Amazon echo Studio

• Features- Virtual assistant Alexa and WiFi connectivity
• Reason to buy- High spread of sound, clear voice and decent spread of music

Echo Studio promises to deliver 3D audio through sound tracks encoded in Sony's 360 Reality Audio. It is larger than any previous echo. These are amazing speakers for even the outdoor parties with a great sound quality and extremely decent spread of music. It actually sets the correct environment and provides an amazing sound experience. Amazon echo studio has so much to offer considering its price. They are great speakers offering amazing experience.

3. Amazon echo show 5

• Features- Virtual assistant Alexa, Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity
• Reason to buy- Nicely put together, decent video and audio quality and Alexa voice control

If you want a great experience of both audio and video quality these speakers are appropriate option for you. It will provide you an ultimate experience of the digital world, Echo Show 5 embraces both sound and video in its abilities to communicate. It also consist of a HD camera that allows you to make Skype calls or view images and videos from other rooms. It comes with an amazing and we’ll responsive touch screen interface.

4. Amazon echo Dot (3rd generation)

• Features- Virtual assistant Alexa, Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity
• Reason to buy- Clear and solid sound, improves Alexa's experience and budget friendly

It is the most easiest and cost effective way to bring Alexa at your home, the price is extremely budget friendly with a lot of specifications and functions. The latest generation speakers comes with wireless features and is easy to connect through WiFi and Bluetooth. It is an amazing device to play background music with literally no faults at this price point.

5.Amazon echo 2

• Features- Virtual assistant Alexa, Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity
• Reason to buy- Alexa voice control, better hearing commands and extremely affordable

It is a very smart innovative and affordable speaker which makes sure to give an amazing experience, moving up a choice in terms of price as well, echo 2 provides mind-blowing with Alexa with improved voice control and better hearing experience. Amazon echo 2 is an appropriate smart speaker for a small or medium size room without any hustle and blockages.