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Top 5 Netflix web series to binge on during this lockdown


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Netflix is a treasure when it comes to entertainment and binge worthy content, this streaming application has got everything for everyone be it comedy, drama, scientific fiction, you name it and you’ll find the specific genre. Netflix is loaded with dozens of web shows and movies which can keep you entertained for hours, days and even weeks. The moment you finish one web series there are dozens of more waiting for you in the list.

May be this year 2020 is not what we actually wanted but never the less we can’t help it, all we can do is stay safe at our home’s and enjoy this lockdown period with our families and most popular Netflix’s shows. Here are some Netflix’s series which you should not miss out during this lockdown period.

1. BreakingBad

• Created by – Vince Gilligan
• No. of season – 5

It is the most famous and popular series on Netflix, Walter White is a chemistry teacher and is diagnosed with last stage of lung cancer. The teacher turns into a drug dealer and producer in order to ensure a better and secured future for his family. Things don’t go according to the plan which was already predicted, which makes this show even more exciting and gripping to watch.

2.Money Heist

• Created by- Alex Pina
• No. of seasons- 4

It is the most watched series on Netflix and falls under crime, heist and fiction genre, brilliantly written and executed. It will always keep you on the edge due to all the unforeseen events that’s takes place while a heist in the Royal Mint. It is totally a binge worthy series and will keep you entertained throughout. It recently got a lot of awards and worldwide recognition and the fans claim it deserved every bit of it.


• Created by- Carlos Monte
• No. of seasons- 3

Elite is thriller and teen drama, it is an extremely popular series on Netflix. It involves bunch of emotions which will look completely relatable as a point of view of a teenager. The show will leave you in bunch of emotions and realisations, it is based in a school named las Encinas and revolves around the life of a bunch of students. Things start to take rough turns when Marina gets murdered in the school, the life's of the teens starts to shatter and becomes a total mess.

4. The Witcher

• Created by- Lauren Hissrich
• No. of seasons- 1

The show is a adaptation of a book named The witcher book, it is represented in a very larger than life manner which is an unusual sight for the audience. The show represents a very dark and dense arch and gives a commendable competition to the very famous games of thrones series. The witcher doesn’t tries to make a prestigious remark on the television which makes it quite refreshing to watch and gives the views a sense of belonging and helps understanding the age better, which makes us really excited for its second season.

5. Ozark

• Created by- Mark Williams, Bill Dubuque
• No. of seasons- 3

With the release of season 3 in the month of March Ozark has started to be compared with Breaking Bad, it’s a story about an American guy who’s extremely good at his job but gets involved into illegal practices and criminal activities. The show is really dark and will demand your total attention and participation, it’s not a story or genre which is enjoyed by every individual.

6. The Crown

• Created by- Peter Morgan
• No. of seasons- 3

The crown was Netflix’s biggest swing in British royal and prestigious drama whose views more or less came through BBC. The big budget ensures lavish lifestyles and locations which is definitely a treat to watch and makes it attractive yet very appealing. Even because of the mixed feelings we have for the royal families this show is worth watching as it triggers the reality.