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Ashish Jaiswal

manager at iocl | Posted on | Entertainment

Top best bollywood singers


BBA in mass communication | Posted on

One thing that significantly demarcated Bollywood movies from Hollywood movies is songs and music produced here. For this, much of the credit goes to the singers we are having in Bollywood.

Bollywood is so full of talented singers because it hosts not just Indian singers but a lot of very talented Pakistani singers too. This speaks for the variety we have in the songs produced in Bollywood. Enlisted below are five best singers of all time whom I like the most.

1. Atif Aslam

He has to be the number one on anyone’s list who listens to Indian songs. I mean just listen to Pehle Nazar Mein and Tu Jaane Naa. He has a mesmerizing voice with a great depth.

2. Arijit Singh 

Yea, if there’s anyone who can replace Atif Aslam, it is this guy whose voice is just oh-so-perfect for almost any song he is given to sing. His Jiya Jaye Na Jaye Na is always on my playlist, and same goes with Channa Mereya. Don’t forget that his voice has the power and the pain to make you miss your ex, even when they don’t exist.

3. Sunidhi Chauhan  

I know there is Shreya Ghoshal, there is Neha Kakkar, and many other female singers who are considered better than her, but no female singer has a voice as powerful and magical as Sunidhi Chauhan. No matter how old Kuch Khaas Hai and Dhunki are, they will always be on my playlist.

4. Rahat Fateh Ali Khan  

I know you have already gotten hit with Afreen Afreen vibes only with the name of this legendary singer. He’s just not the true amalgamation of melody and magic, but also the pioneer of songs which have Urdu lyrics. Rahat Fateh Ali Khan’s song always give me Goosebumps.

5. Kailash Kher  

Kailash Kher is one singer who has succeeded in keeping his forte intact and not going with the fame-oriented flow of Bollywood. His voice, and the way he sings, both are unique and the one and only in Bollywood.


Blogger | Posted on

This is a genuine analyzer question and it's extremely hard to characterize record-breaking most prominent artist , since we don't have any such scale to gauge the quality…

Be that as it may, as much I know, will attempt to give the Top 10 biggest vocalists of India.

1.LATA MANGESHKAR - Undoubtedly most prominent vocalist ever…

Such a delightful voice… even at her declining age she was hypnotizing

Entire world respects her voice..

She is the genuine Gem of Music Industry

2. SONU NIGAM - The most flexible Singer ever.

The emotions he communicates with his singing is simply noteworthy.. The best thing in him is that, he can Sing any kind of Song..

Vibrato is his primary quality

Additionally he is having the ability of mimicing a large portion of the vocalists…

3.KISHORE KUMAR - Such an immaculate and easy Singer.. Remind u he never went to singing classes yet at the same time administered the twentieth century for long time..

His falsetto creation while singing was the significant ability in him, while different artists were without it during those time.

4.ARIJIT SINGH - Name passes on Everything… He is at present the best Singer of bollywood.

5.SHREYA GHOSAL-Every time an individual listen her tunes, he/she unquestionably get goosebumps… such a calming voice with extraordinary Timbre in it.


7.SHANKAR MAHADEVAN - Is anyone obscure of the melody ' Breathless' this man is behind that popular song..He is the ruler of Indian traditional music.

8.KRISHNAKUMAR KUNNAT (KK) - One of the most underestimated however top class artist.

9.SUKHWINDER SINGH/RAHAT FATEH ALI KHAN ( essentially from ??) - The experts of High notes.. The two of them have an incredible voice with song..

10.JAGJIT SINGH - The Ghazal Samrat… The tranquility and Depth in his voice is hearttouching.


@Digital Marketing Trainee | Posted on

There are many singers in Bollywood who have a melodious voice. There is no doubt that Bollywood is full of talents. In the present scenarios, the top 3 singers that i have known are:

1. Kailash Kher  

2. Arijit Singh 

3. Atif Aslam


Fashion enthusiast | Posted on

The best singer in Bollywood industry, according to me, is Mohit Chauhan. 

His voice has that kind of depth which can be modulated according to any type of song. Just listen to his songs in Rockstar album or in the Album of Delhi 6, what beautiful songs! 

Naadaan Parindey and Masakali are my favorite! 

Check it out:


Student ( Makhan Lal Chaturvedi University ,Bhopal) | Posted on

One just can't mention best Bollywood singers without remembering Rekha Bhardwaj. 

Her voice is so mesmerizing, deep, and sweet. Her Kabira is my favorite. 


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