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Vansh Chopra

System Engineer IBM | Posted on | Sports

Was Ronda Rousey leaving UFC and signing up with WWE a good move for her?


Financial analyst (Mudra finance company) | Posted on

It is a long established fact that Ronda Rousey is a big (BIG) pro-wrestling fan, inspired by larger-than-life gimmicks of WWE superstars. In fact, her ring name, Rowdy Ronda Rousey was inspired by the name of Rowdy Roddy Piper. Plus, the name of her group ‘Four Horsewomen’ is inspired by the WWE stable Four Horsemen whose Ric Flair was part of.

So Ronda was always a fan of WWE. So it wasn’t quite surprising that she took the opportunity and signed up to the company. While it was 2 years back she made an appearance at Wrestle-mania alongside Rock (to promote their then Furious 6), it was only last month at the Royal Rumbles did she made her official appearance. Now at Elimination Chamber 2018, she had her reel contract signing with WWE.

Now, coming to your question, was jumping ships from UFC to WWE a good move for her—one can surely say that. Rousey is MMA legend now. Her stint with UFC was great. However the loss against Amanda Nunes left her devastated. She wanted to leave the company ever since. And then she eventually did.

So, WWE approached her and it was quite obvious, given a company that influenced her life by such a large extent, she would accept the opportunity with open arms. I believe, given how big of a pro-wrestling fan she is, it’s a great career move for her. She would love it. Plus, it would keep her in front of the public, making her even a bigger star.

Plus, she plans to do this full-time, unlike Brock Lesnar. She is committed to it regardless the brutal schedule of WWE. This, itself, shows her love for the business. Now how can that go wrong?! She did a right thing for continue doing what she loves.



Blogger | Posted on

The pay is Much, Much better too. When you fight for the UFC they basically own you. In fact they own your likeness. For example one of my good friends, Justin McCully, was on 2 iteration of the UFC video games as a full playable character and he received ZERO for it. No upfront fee, no royalties, NOTHING! The WWE is much more generous. She absolutely made the right decision.