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Ajay Paswan

Physical Education Trainer | Posted on | Sports

Was Virat Kohli the real reason why Anil kumble left his post of Indian team coach?


Teacher | Posted on

Rift between then coach Anil Kumble and Indian Cricket Team Skipper Virat Kohli was the most talked about topic of 2017. The conflicts between these two alphas of dressing room were quite public when Anil Kumble left his post, leaving speculations on rife.

By passing days, more reports were emerging. A report suggested that Kohli was unhappy over Kumble’s functioning. Another report said that in a meeting of Cricket Advisory Committee, Kohli expressed his “strong reservation” against Kumble. (Whatever that means!)

Now many believe that un-cooperative behavior from a section of players of the dressing room – which was led by skipper Virat Kohli – led Anil Kumble to resign, even after coaching the team successfully and helping it win in big leagues and series.

The whole spat between the best of this game garnered response from many in the cricketing world, including legend Rahul Dravid.

In an interview, Dravid said “I think the whole thing got played out in the media which is very, very unfortunate for Anil and not fair on him at all. So, what's the reality of it and what happens behind closed doors is not something I'm privy to, so I can't comment directly. But it was definitely an unfortunate episode, especially to someone like Anil who has been an absolute legend of the game, someone who has done more to win Test matches for India than anybody I know. And he had a successful year as coach as well. But the fact is that it should never have played out they way that it did, publicly.”

The “exact” details of the whole incidence between Kumble and Kohli are still clear. Neither has gone out of their way to bash the other. The relationship between the two has been in question since then.

However, the wedding of Kohli with Anushka brought more happy news than expected. In New Delhi, at the reception of the two, Anil Kumble surprised everyone by attending the event with his wife.

Now whatever happened has happened. There isn’t any reliable resource that says Kohli was the reason why Kumble left the team. There aren’t any contrarian views either. Point is, right now, things look quite good between Kohli and Kumble, which is what we all want.