We spent $1 trillion on technology last year Why not use that amount to feed 800 million hungry people? - letsdiskuss
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Rakesh Singh

Delhi Press | Posted on | News-Current-Topics

We spent $1 trillion on technology last year Why not use that amount to feed 800 million hungry people?


System Analyst (Wipro) | Posted on


While as fitting, popular and empathetic this theory may look, it, at times is absurd. Yes, rich people cangive all their money to poor population. Every source of money can be diverted towards ending poverty.

And yes, we can spend money on feeding the poor by cutting back on other costs.But the main question is this—will all these things effective in achieving what we want to? Economicssay NO. Over the course, the world has spent billions and billions to elevate people from poverty. Butthis economic-terror still exists.

The solution is altogether very different. Not that money is not involved in the solution; but money isnot the lone part of it. There are many factors that come into play when we think of poverty, hunger,malnutrition. How we end this is a complex answer.

Now coming to your exact question! Just because we can’t pull other people from behind doesn’t meanwe stop pushing forward.

Yes, technology has made a big gap between upper-end and lower-end population. But this doesn’tmean we stop moving ahead. Or else we would be stuck in the same spot for decades till the backwardcommunities come shoulder-to- shoulder with the rest.

Another answer is this—technology advancement happen not just the sake of it. It happens to improvelives. Be it the top tech companies or innovative startups—they all are contributing, even indirectly, infixing big economic problems.

Artificial Intelligence, the latest sensation that has everyone’s attention, can end poverty if we make itwork efficiently and correctly. So why not invest more money in this direction if it’s promising.

In every corner of the world, in the poverty-stricken countries, technology is improving lives—be it ineducation sector, by making communication better or by making information available at fingertips.

So let’s not bash how much money we’re spending in tech world. Most of it is for the good purpose thatwill eventually help people who are at the bottom end. Let’s also not overlook the money that’s alreadygoing to aid the poor and hunger.But at the end, I do empathize with you. We should do a lot more for 800 million hungry people. Butthat, without disrupting the tech advancement we’re doing!