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Brijesh Mishra

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What all did Koffee with Karan cost Hardik Pandya?


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The cost of the Indian cricket player’s coffee at Koffee with Karan is being paid now not only by Pandya himself but by the Indian Cricket too. Yes, the “gentleman’s game” image of Cricket is now being questioned by people.

Letsdiskuss (Courtesy: Indiatimes.com)

It was the first time that two cricketers (Hardik Pandya and KL Rahul) were invited on the popular chat show. They, however, got much carried away in the heat of the moment and in the excitement of being on the show. The outcome of this excitement were blunders after blunders. Especially when it came to their personal life, their sexual preferences, and their relationships with women.

After the episode got aired on Hot Star, Social Media got agitated about the lewd comments Pandya made and his personal mindset that he shared on a public platform. This has cost him world, of course.

It is not just Pandya and Rahul getting banned from all formats of BCCI cricket for the time being, but their image has been seriously disrupted after the show. BCCI is quite upset with the two cricketers for their casual way of talking about things on a platform that is viewed worldwide. Even Pandya’s apology on Social Media could not settle the chaos.

Gillette, recently, has ended its deal with Pandya and Hot Star has deleted the episode from its official page.

 Now the question is how long and how much would it take for things to go normally. The feminists, however, are not going to forget whatever Pandya said in the show for long, and memes and criticism will keep surfacing on Social Media for quite a while, and rightly so.

When you are a celebrity and have quite a lot of people looking up to you, you got to measure each and every word you utter in public. Hot Star is quite right in thinking that whatever the all-rounder shared about his personal experiences have the potential of leaving a bad impression on people.


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