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What all things should not be done during solar eclipse?


Astrologer,Shiv shakti Jyotish Kendra | Posted on

According to astrology, solar eclipse has certain effects on our life, but the effect is good or bad depends on your zodiac sign. To know what all things should not be done during solar eclipse, one should first know what exactly a solar eclipse is.

Even today, on 13th July 2018, there was a solar eclipse, which was not visible in India. Many of us don’t even know what the reason behind solar eclipse is. The reason is the moon coming in between the earth and the sun, and all the three of them forming a straight line. The last solar eclipse was 40 years back, on 13 December, 1974.

Now coming to your question, what not to do during the solar eclipse:

• Before solar eclipse, there comes sutak. According to astrology, sutak is that time in which you can’t or shouldn’t do any auspicious work. Hence, doing all the important works before sutak is recommendable.

• According to shastras, even the drinking of water is not allowed during solar eclipse. Only the old, the ill, and pregnant women can take food and water in this duration.

• In the duration of solar eclipse, pregnant women should not step out of their house, as this can be harmful for their children.

• The doors of the temple should be closed before the time of sutak. One should stay away from the temple at this time.

• It is advised to take a bath after the solar eclipse with “ganga jal” (the water of holy river Ganga). Sprinkle the holy water in your house too.

• Bathe all the idols in your temple with “ganga jal”.

• Don’t cook or take food before taking a bath.

(Translated from Hindi)