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What are benefits of weight training for women ?


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Invest at least 20-30 minutes of your day in some sort of exercise like cardio, weight training, swimming, Zumba etc. Doesn’t matter if you’re already slim and skinny you should always get your self involved into some physical activities.

After the age of 30 women start to loose their bone density and muscle health, in that case it becomes extremely important to take care of your diet and lifestyle and exercise is one such activity which will help you build a better lifestyle. Usually people say weight training is something which is not supposed to be performed by a women as it would turn her body structure into a man’s. Well let me tell you it’s the biggest myth, weight training is great for women as it helps in shedding weight, toning the body and build muscles.

It is essential to take up weight training as an activity or else there are some problems which will affect you in a longer period like joint pain, knee pain and what not. You’ll start loosing your muscles and the endurance to work for longer hour’s. Ultimately your body will start loosing strength and you will be kept on medication for rest of your life.



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Preparing for female competitors doesn't contrast such much from preparing guys. The skeletal edge and strong framework are the equivalent, and afterward there are the notable hormonal contrasts which make young men into young men and young ladies into young ladies.

Preparing is fairly basic since the human body does fundamentally four things: hip pivot, squat, push, and pull. Any stable preparing framework needs to join every one of the four of those development designs. What changes however are singular objectives which carries us to the point of raising shortcomings.

In the first place, search for a decent mentor or possibly a fair companion with a phone camera. Begin assessing your physical make-up on an every other month premise. Ask yourself: Am I slender or potentially grown enough to begin stressing over equalization otherwise known as individual muscle gatherings? If not, adhere to entire body exercises.

On the off chance that indeed, pick one body part you wish to improve and give it a strong a month and a half of need preparing. Be as explicit as conceivable with regards to what you need to accomplish. Have somebody take photographs of you at a similar recognize like clockwork.

Following a month and a half of organizing one muscle gathering, change to another program. Presently you should see the increases of the muscle you have prepared, and now it gets an opportunity to recoup and develop.

Other than concentrating on certain muscle gatherings, you can play with preparing and rep speeds (think 8 second negatives) just as with rep numbers. There are various varieties from the 100 rep exercise or the exemplary 8×8 plan to the planned full body exercise. For a planned full body exercise, (set your clock at 30 minutes and attempt to proceed however many sets as could be expected under the circumstances in great structure.) The body adjusts rapidly, so I suggest another preparation diagram each 5 a month and a half. It will keep your body speculating, consequently driving change and it will forestall weariness on your end.