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Rinki Singh

Chef at Hotel Radisson | Posted on | Food-Cooking

What are best serving techniques?


Student (B.A(h) Philosophy, Content writer(Fashion and beauty) | Posted on

Letsdiskuss Cooking has become the most prominent profession these days. As we all know cooking is the activity which is must ‘know’ for everyone,because in whatever situation or profession you are. As cooking is concerned serving is it's most important aspect.

We always need to know the presentation and serving skills. Some techniques are as follows :
  • For the two plate method:
Flatten your three fingers (excluding the little finger), these fingers will go beneath the plate and will be used to keep it balanced.Your little finger will then be held directly beneath the rim, this gives you extra stability as you walk. Finally the thumb is used on the upper side of the rim to make the plate secure.
  • Carrying a tray:All beginners know that trays can be a tricky technique to master but once you've had a practice you'll be fine!Hold the tray underneath with the palm of your hand. Your hand should be at the centre of the tray and hold it up just over your shoulder.
  • Keep your serviettes out of the way:
If you're expected to carry a table napkin with you at all times, don't carry it over your shoulder. You might often see waiters and waitresses carrying a serviette over their shoulder on television or even in real life but these people shouldn't. When carrying two or three plates, you haven't got any hands free to catch your napkin if it falls and drops on the food or on the floor.
  • Practice makes perfect :Obviously avoid using the expensive plates, just in case you have some shaky starts, and hold the plates closely over a table or a soft surface to avoid any smashes.


student | Posted on

I am no master at tennis however I might want to rattle off some contributing variables that helped me improve my Serve.

I was frail at my serve prior , I was attempting to simply place them in the administration box , yet with a couple of tips from my mentor and with the assistance of Youtube,I had the option to make my serves progressively steady .

1. Elbow of the Tossing Hand -

One can't pressure the significance of a decent hurl . Keeping your elbow bolted during the hurl takes out movement at the elbow . When the elbow is bolted, one would need to focus just on the shoulder development and the wrist , disposing of any development at the elbow, making it one less contributing component .

2. The Toss itself -

Attempt to hurl the ball high enough,such that its maximum tallness is around 6-8 creeps over your outstretched racquet. Attempt to strike the ball at the purpose of zero speed ,i.e the moment at which it is at its most noteworthy point,and descending.

Various types of serves need various hurls .

For the first serve, attempt to hurl the ball somewhat infront of you , with the goal that you are continually hitting it pushing ahead ,adding your energy to the ball as well, giving you an additional 1/2 kmph on your serve.

For the second serve , hurl the ball somewhat behind you , so as to consolidate the necesssary kick/turn for the ball to securely land in.

Gabe Pavel in one of the appropriate responses underneath has given a substantially more detail clarification on the various sorts of serves and hurls.