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Home maker | Posted on | News-Current-Topics

What are better ? e-books or physical books?


@letsuser | Posted on

I would say its a matter of personal preference, both of then have some advantages and disadvantages. I personally prefer physical books as I like the feels of holding them in my hands and turning pages. Call me old school, but that's the way I am.

To answer your question, as I said earlier, both of them have their pros and cons and one must weigh both of them before choosing one over the other.

Pros of E-books:

E-books are much cheaper to buy (sometimes are free as you can simply download them from a website ), if you look at amazon and compare a physical boo from an E-book (A.K.A Kindle Books), E-Books are almost half the price of a physical book.

E-Books are easy to store, as they reside in your hard drive or in a cloud storage (such as Google Drive), physical books take a lot of physical space, require a separate shelf or sometimes even a room if you have lots of them.

The pages of a physical book turn pale if they are too old and are easily torn, there is no such case with an E-book.

Cons of E-book:

the biggest con of an E-book is that I cannot start reading from anywhere I wish, For example if I am reading a book and suddenly feel like jumping to some other page or chapter, which I do not remember, I will have to search the exact phrase or chapter to get there, whereas in case of a physical book, I can scan the pages manually and find the topic looking at the contents of the pages.

Since E-Books are read on a computer or a E-Reader, you need to carry a portable device (such as laptop or reader) with you and should keep charging it from time to time, while in case of physical book, you can read without worrying about batteries running out.

E readers may harm your eyes as you read from a screen, physical books are not as harmful.

Hope my answer was helpful


Senior Software Engineer | Posted on

I would say both. But I am sure many wouldn’t agree with that view. Here’s how it usually goes when

we’re discussing this topic…

The self-claimed “bookaholics” prefer the physical books, arguing for its sweet smell and the feel and

what not. They basically ridicule anyone who puts forth their view for electronic books. And why not,

after all they love reading books more than anyone (sense sarcasm) else; so what they say is always


“E-books ***** because they don’t provide the real essence of reading”—majority of them say. Hate to

say it but these Bookaholics display some kind of prerogative in putting forth the mainstream view that

physical books are better.

In my personal (and humble) opinion, this is as ridiculous as it gets.

I believe we read to gain knowledge and not to take pride in “reading”—not to boast that fact. So

regardless where we read, whether from physical books or on hand-held devices, it matters less for as

long as we’re getting the knowledge.

Too that, I really hope people’s preference falls in sync with environment consciousness. To avoid

cutting of trees, we all should really adapt to the digital revolution, instead of boasting pretentiousness

about their likings for Physical books.

You need knowledge. You need to read. Both are good. For environment’s sake, we all should root for e-

books more.Letsdiskuss


Blogger | Posted on

I lean toward the Kindle. Here's the reason:

You can peruse in pitch obscurity and low light conditions as a result of the screen light that Paperwhite produces. No such thing for books.

You can convey 1000+ books on a solitary gadget at any given moment.

You can't get papercuts from Kindle.

Fuel accompanies an inherent word reference. Don't have the foggiest idea about the importance of a word? Press on it for a couple of secs and it's importance will show up. Not any more getting a lexicon at whatever point an obscure word is experienced.

Pages can turn yellow and the composition will blur with time. Nothing of this sort occurs with Kindle.

No papercuts.

Additionally, as a companion referenced to me, one can peruse ***** books and shabby fiction effectively on a Kindle without the dread of another person making a decision about you from seeing the cover.

What I do miss the paper books are for

The smell of books.

It is increasingly noteworthy to hotshot a gathering of paper books than your Kindle library.


Travel Consultant at American Express | Posted on

One thing we need to comprehend is that books have come the extent that they can. How might you further build up a physical paper book? You can't.

Tablets, which are the main genuine correlation with physical books as a rule, are in their outset. Consider every one of the potential outcomes. Later on, issues like having the capacity to adequately skim material and skirt forward and backward will be tended to.

Be that as it may, take a gander at the current advantages of E-perusers:

you can store 1000's of books the measure of not exactly a solitary physical book

your whole book accumulation is accessible on most electronic gadgets, in the palm of your hands

numerous administrations permit 'sneak peaks' of books downloaded instantly to your gadget

you can keep sorted out notes, in light of page/book

you can classify your books

you can look through your whole library of books

you can underline and store the majority of your underlinings in one place

you can share cites and underlinings with your companions

a few administrations give the capacity for clients to loan their books to different clients

bookmarks are consequently kept on each and every book

you can change the content size

all the more ecologically well disposed

numerous books, including the extraordinary works of art, are FREE

Truly, I could most likely discover more reasons. These are only a portion of the greater reasons which have demonstrated me there is no opposition in physical versus computerized books.

The equal is conveying a variable measured library on your shoulders and employing a full time library right hand. You are contrasting something no one but innovation can accomplish and the unimaginable. Appreciate the changes, since we are a special age.

Without a doubt, physical books smell decent and feel good..but I'm not perusing a book on account of how it smells, and in the event that I can smell the book, the symbolism I am perusing isn't working admirably of removing me from my faculties, is it?


Freelancer | Posted on

OK! so this answer is originating from somebody who loathes utilizing fuel. So I am one-sided towards 'genuine books'. Here are a couple of focuses (excluding the substance as they are the equivalent in them two):

1.Smell : Have you at any point smelled the pages of an old book? It is trusted that an old book will take smell of the house it has 'dwelled' in. That dusty cellulose smell would make you feel nostalgic about when you previously gotten it.

What about the smelling new books amid the beginning of a scholastic session? You preferred it, isn't that right?

Presently have a go at smelling the ignite screen. Shiny eh?

2.Collection : One of the upsides of digital book referenced here is putting away a huge number of books in a solitary gadget. Genuine that. In any case, that won't enable you to construct that library you have been longing for. What's more, similar to each evident book sweetheart you need an enormous library just for yourself.

3.People: Now on the off chance that somebody visits your home, would you swipe through your Kindle screen and demonstrate to them your accumulation or take out that old Rebecca Shaw's book which you have kept for a considerable length of time.

What do you figure the other individual would be keen on?

Hello! see this book *swipe* and this *swipe* and this * swipe*. Umm would you be able to lose that gadget?

4.Self protection : How about tossing your book at your sibling? We generally did that.

Presently toss your Kindle at somebody.


accountant at Indo Gulf Garments Trading LLC | Posted on

In life something added substance or extra can be extraordinary for living...For occurrence, prior individuals used to drink cool water to get revived, at that point there was cola created, which took on and there was an influx of such virus drinks. Be that as it may, did individuals quit drinking water, did water free its significance.? Cola just added flavor to life, more choices, an alternate taste. Be that as it may, when you are extremely parched, nothing can be superior to water.

Likewise, advanced media has made life extremely simple, you can take in huge amounts of things from digital books and speed up the way toward learning just by sitting home. Yet with regards to perusing or with regards to energy for perusing, digital books can never supplant the first books. The vibe, the fervor, the smell is absolutely an alternate encounter.

The sentiment of turning the page of a homicide riddle novel when the anticipation is going to break is inside and out an alternate inclination which won't be experienced through a look in the PDF. That is the intensity of books.

In addition experimentally perusing digital books from illuminated screens is increasingly destructive for eyes and that is the reason it might feel.more tedious to complete an eBook than a printed version book.

I haven't met no-nonsense perusers who favor flipping pages in their iPads than the book that is there in their pack. They would favor books more than digital books.