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What are common misconceptions about SUVs?


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1. SUVs are slow

It’s a very common misconception that big size SUVs are slow as compared to sedans and hatchbacks. Modern day engineering has changed the SUV concept and they can be as fast as sports car.

2. Tough Handling

Many people believe that SUVS are tough to drive because of their size and weight without knowing the fact, modern SUVS are very comfortable and easy to drive.

3. Poor mileage

Another common misconception due to the size of SUVs, people think that SUVs are not fuel friendly and consume more fuel, but Ford Endeavor is an example for those who think like that, Endeavour gives the decent mileage of 14.2 Km/l despite its heavy size.

4. Maintenance is High

People often say that buying an SUV is easy but its maintenance is very high, it is a common misconception on the contrary SUVs are affordable and its maintenance doesn’t too much on your pocket.

5. Price is High

Gone are those days when buying an SUV only for elite class, nowadays many good options like Creta, Brezza and Duster are available under the price bracket of Rs. 15 Lakh.