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Vanisha Anand

Student | Posted | Education

What are different types of questions?


@Student | Posted

The different types of questions can be-

1. Close-ended questions that are just a Yes/No. For Example- Do you Drink Tea? 

2. Multiple Choice Questions are choice-based questions from where you need to select 1 response or many responses from the given options. 

3. Factual Questions which need to have straightforward answers with facts and figures, if any.

4. Evaluative Questions where one needs to evaluate his/her answers on the basis of logic, reasoning, comparison etc. 

Some other questions may be Text Slider, Logical-reasoning, etc.  



businesswoman | Posted

Question is a sentence which has an interrogative form. It also provides information about whatever we want. Or we can say that it is a group of words to find information. Questions are also a collection of research. For a question to be relevant there should be proper knowledge about the content you are seeking.
There are many type of questions, the following are some of the question-
The Dichotomous
Multiple choice
Text slider
Stapel scale
Contact information



| Posted

The Dichotomous Question.

Multiple Choice Questions.

Rank Order Scaling Question. 

Text Slider Question. 

Likert Scale Question. 

Semantic Differential Scale. 

Stapel Scale Question. 

Constant Sum Question.


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